Largo stood on the sidewalk in front of MegaGamers looking in the direction that Erika had run. Hiw stomach churned, threatening the purge itself of the warm, flat beer that had been his dinner. He was startled by a familiar voice, "Hey Largo, get in." It was Dom in his Sega Black Ops van.

Dom pulled slowly away from the curb and made a U turn to head back toward Anna Millers. "What's going on Largo? What's with the hardware, you hunting zombies again?"

Largo nodded, "That chix0r that works with Piro. She's some sort of Idol that the zombies worship."

Dom was silent for a moment, "Are you sure that's all?"

Largo looked puzzled, "What do you mean, isn't that enough? I have to stop the zombies before they overrun the city."

The van slowly passed Anna Millers, Miho stood by the door staring at the van. "It's her! Teh 3vil one! I knew they were working together!" Largo turned and grinned triumphantly at Dom, the smile faded when he realized that they weren't stopping. "What are you doing Dom? We need to go back and finish this." Dom just shook his head then Largo continued, "Oh yeah, we better get more backup. Lets find Ed and Junpei."

Dom smiled for the first time, "I know exactly where Ed is, now who is Junpei?"

"Junpei is my l33t ninj4."

"Big guy, spiky hair, sharp dresser? I've met him."

"Yeah, that's him."

Dom smiled again, "He's not going to be helping anyone."

Largo looked stricken, "What do you mean?"

"I just heard it on the scanner, the police found his body not fifteen minutes ago."

Largo became frantic, "It must have been her, the 3vil one! she the only one I've ever seen stop him."

Dom looked grim, "If she can do that I should try to recruit her."

Largo became more frantic, "No, she's 3vil!"

"Settle down Largo."

Dom was silent as he drove on down to the docks. Largo continued to rant. Finally he parked near on the edge of the water. "Get out Largo, there's something I need to show you." They went to the back of the van and Dom opened the hatch.

Largo stumbled back in horror, "Ed?" He looked over at Dom who was attaching a silencer to his SOCOM .45.

"What's going on Dom. What happened to Ed?"

Dom looked Largo in the eyes, "Ed and I had some issues to resolve, nothing that concerns you." he continued "I was waiting on Hayasaka so I could make a contract offer to come work for Sega. Nothing big, some body modeling and promotions for a start. Your ninja has been stopping me everytime I'd try to talk to her. Now you want to kill her."

Largo stared at the muzzle of Doms pistol with the uncomprehending expression of a dog looking at a Christmas Tree. The last thing to pass through his mind was traveling at nine hundred feet per second.

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