Miho watched as the Sega Black Ops van cruised past and snorted in disgust, didn't they have any imagination? They may as well paint signs on the vehicle. She turned and entered Anna Millers, time to get something to eat.

Erika spoke briefly to the manager then went into the female staffs dressing, Nanasawa was sitting in a bench holding her head in her hands.

"Are you okay, Kimiko?" Erika lightly touched her friends shoulder.

Kimiko shook her head, "Piro is here, with Ping."

"What are they doing?"

"I don't know, I just saw them come in together." Kimiko looked up at Erika, "He was holding her hand, they were laughing." .

"I'm sure it means nothing, you've seen how he treats her."

"You mean how he treats her when he does not think that they are alone." A single tear ran down Kimiko's cheek.

She wiped her face, "No, that's not it. What will he think of me? Will he even want to talk to?"

Erika hugged Kimiko, "Largo told him nothing, I confronted him about it and he chased me out of the apartment with a crossbow."

Relief washed over Kimiko's face, "Then Piro doesn't know?"

Erika shook her head, "No, he does not." She crossed her arms tightly.

"You are bleeding Hayasaka-san", Erika turned with a start to face Miho.

"You are Pings friend aren't you, what are you doing here? This place is for the staff."

Miho took off her backpack, after setting it on the bench beside Erika she opened it. "I saw you running barefoot up the street and thought that to be unusual."

Erika looked into the backpack and her eyes went wide. "Have you got a drugstore in there?"

Miho straddled the bench and took Erika's injured arm in hand, "I work at a club and I like to be prepared for any emergencies we might have there."

Erika watched in fascination as Miho expertly cleaned the wound and began dressing it. Why had she allowed this girl who was little more than a stranger touch her?

Miho looked up from her ministrations, "There was a small stone in the wound, you must have fallen very hard for it to have cut you like that."

Kimiko stood and watched with a look of horror on her face, "Oh Erika, how could I be sitting there feeling sorry for myself when you were hurt?"

Miho looked up at Kimiko, "She is a strong woman who cares for her friends. It is good to have such a friend." She looked back at Erika's arm and finished taping, "There you go, all done."

"You didn't answer my question, how is it that you just walked in here?"

Miho smiled, "I go where I will."

Miho closed her backpack and stood. "I saw Largo get into a van, Sega Black Ops I believe. I have a strange feeling about that." She looked at the timeclock by the door, "My order should be ready now and I need to get to the club. Good night."

Erika watched Miho as she left, "I'm going to have to talk to Piro, I don't think it is safe for him and Ping to be at the apartment when Largo comes back." She looked at Kimiko, "I am going to invite them over. They can sleep in the front room if that's okay with you."

Kimiko smiled and nodded, "That will be fine."

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