The Sony Enforcement Division Osprey orbited over Yoyogi at an altitude of one thousand meters.

"Dragonfly dragonfly, this is Sony control, over."

"Sony Control, this is Dragonfly, we copy, over"

"Dragonfly, our missing field operatives transponder has gone active again, over"

"We copy that Sony Control, do you have the coordinates? over"

"Roger Dragonfly, uploading by laser datalink in three, two, one..."

The pilot blinked twice and a map of the area popped up on his HUD. There was a steady red dot in a location by the docks.

"Looks like Ed's flatlined again, I wonder where he's been all day?"

The co-pilot looked over, "Someplace shielded, probably by someone that wanted to increase the odds that we won't be able to regen him."

The pilot nodded and banked the Osprey sharply toward the docks.

The big machines wings pivoted up and it landed almost on top of Largo and Eds cooling bodies. The ground team debarked rapidly and began to examine the bodies.

"Yeah, this one is Ed alright, hes'a real mess too. What have you got?"

"Prints and DNA scan says he's a Mortal Kombat Visa holder that has just had his visa revoke with prejudice."

"Ouch, don't they tell those guys that a Mortal Kombat Visa means they kill you if you screw up?"

"Yeah, that explains the this. Looks like he took a large caliber handgun round right between the eyes."

"That also means that we own him. Load him up and we'll take him back to the research center with Ed here."

"Yes sir!"

The Sony trooper looked down at Largo and grinned, "This is your lucky day, You've got a rewarding new career as a Sony cyberzombie!"

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