Dom entered the apartmen. He needed to hurry before Piro came back. The floor was littered with beer cans and computer parts and the air had a strong scent of ozone.

"Definitely looks like Largo lived here."

All the lights were still burning brightly so it made his job easy, he quickly gathered up Largo's clothes and disconnected the computer and monitor, placing it all in the large box that Largo had used to hide his crossbow.

Dom had just started to pick the box up and carry it away when something caught his eye. Was that a dress? He looked around a stack of boxes to find girls clothing and a charger all neatly arranged.

Understanding dawned, "The rogue EVS, Largo and Piro have that Sony EVS unit." Dom's face split into a wide grin, things were looking up for him.

"It isn't nice to go pilfering through a girls things you know."

Dom spun, drawing his pistol. It was that girl that Largo called the evil one. Her hand flashed out and his arm went numb from the elbow down. She held his pistol up and grinned to reveal pronounced canines.

"What dangerous toys you play with"

The she moved, springing up her legs went into full splits and her skirt flared. She landed on Dom, scissoring her legs around his waist and wrapping her arms around his neck. They fell heavily to the floor together with Dom on top.

Dom struggled to free himself but Miho tightened her grip on both his waist and his neck and then she arched her back. Dom screamed, it felt like she was tearing his head off.

"You smell of blood and gunpowder."

Dom tried to reach in his pocket but Miho twisted his neck just a little more to provoke another scream.

"What have you done with Largo?"


Miho suddenly rolled over to throw Dom onto his back then drove her knee hard into his groin before straddling him in the mount position. Her yellow eyes burned into him.

"Don't lie to me."

"I shot him, he was going to kill Hayasaka"

Miho froze for a second and Dom made a grab for his pistol, she slapped him backhanded knocking his glasses off.

"Why would Largo want to kill Hayasaka? And why would you shoot him?"

"He said the zombies worshipped her, he had a zombie problem you know."

Miho shook her head; tears began to well in her eyes, "Baka". She looked back down at Dom. "He was your friend…"

Dom looked up, "He was my friend a long time ago. People change."

Miho lowered her face close to Doms, Her lips brushed his.

"What are you doing?"

Miho gazed into his eyes, "There has been too much death this night, and I'm affirming life."

Doms mouth went dry, "No, you can't…" He felt Miho's hands caressing him, touching him. She smiled down at him.

"I can and you will."

Dom felt himself responding to her touch, he looked into her eyes, losing himself in them. Once more Miho made him cry out but this time not in pain.

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