Piro couldn't believe what he was hearing, "Largo actually chased you with a crossbow?"

Erika nodded, "Yes he did, we had some words over Nanasawa. I told him he was no longer welcome to stay in the apartment. That didn't seem to bother him at all untill I told him that I was going to speak to you about it and offer you a chance to stay on if you liked."

Erika looked over at Ping, the robot girl brought her hand up to lightly touch Piro's chest and she slightly tilted her head toward him. Erika was startled, Pings gestures almost screamed "My Man!" Now where had she learned to do that?

Piro shook his head, "What did he do to Nanasawa?"

Erika looked back at him, "I had probably better let Nanasawa tell you about it. I'll say this, Largo seemed to think that he was protecting you from her. He said that you cannot sense evil."

Piro looked into Erika's eyes and knew that she was telling the truth. Things lined up in his mind, thoughts and suspicions that he had been denying for a long time. "I don't even know if I want to know what he did or said." He looked over to Ping who looked into his eyes and smiled, "I guess we had better get on back and have it out with him Ping."

Erika shook her head, "No, I don't think it's safe for you to do that. You don't know what he'll do if he thinks you're not going with him." She took a breath, "Besides that, Pings friend told me that she had seen him get into a van with someone."

Ping looked over at Erika and frowned, "Tohya-san told you that? When did you see her?"

Erika looked puzzled, "She came into the waitresses changing room, didn't you see her?"

Ping shook her head, "No, but she is able to get lost very well. I have lost her several times myself." She looked back at Piro, "I won't let Largo-san harm Piro-kun."

Erika blinked at Pings words. What a strange thing for her to say. "No, I want the two of you to come and stay with Nanasawa and I tonight. I've already called Masamichi and he is going to speak to Largo as well. I don't think he is even suppose to have a crossbow. This is police business now."

About that time Kimiko came up, she stood close by Piro. Her hip brushed his shoulder and her eyes locked on Pings. Piro suddenly felt very uncomfortable.

"Are you two coming over tonight?"

Ping replied, "Yes, I think we will."

Piro blinked and looked across at Erika who had a bemused smile on her face, he felt her bare foot brush against his shin and then Erika rose to leave. "When the two of you are finished you can meet me back at the store. Masamichi should be along shortly and we can pick up anything you might need."

Kimiko frowned, "I need to get back to my station, I'll be off in about two hours and see you at our place."

Piro paid his bill and he and Ping caught up with Erika within a block, they could see the police vehicles and Inspector Sonoda as they got closer. Sonoda waved them over, "Looks like he's already moved out, he must have had someone helping hiim."

Ping and Piro looked at each other then back at Sonoda, in unison they said "Can we go up?" Then they looked back at each other. Erika's eyes narrowed, What on earth was going on with Ping?

Sonoda nodded, "Yes, that will be fine. Hayasaka, may I have a word with you?"

Ping and Piro went up the stairs as Sonoda drew close and began talking in a low voice to her.

"I wonder who could have helped him?"

"We don't know what he did during the day, Piro-kun"

As they entered the apartment they were challenged by a TPCD trooper, "Who let you up here?"

Piro was taken aback, "We live here, we're just getting some things so that we can stay somewhere else tonight." He could see several other officers intently studying a part of the floor near Pings area. The trooper glanced back, "We just missed them, they were gone before we got here but there was still, umm, interesting IR signatures showing". He grinned at Piro and Ping, "We're almost done anyway, I'd suggest taking everything that belongs to you after showing us. Your friend seems to have carried off everything he owned."

Piro hurriedly stuffed most of his things into a backpack and, he put his laptop and the few games into a box and then picked up his flapdoozy. Looking around he it struck him just how throughly Largo's stuff had dissappeared. How had he done it? Even the server rack was gone as well as his workstation. That thing was heavy, he'd have to have had someone very strong to help him get it down the stairs.


Piro was startled out of his revelry, "Yes Ping?"

"Do you think Largo-san will be coming back?"

Piro shook his head, "No Ping, I don't know where he's gone but I don't think he'll come back here again."

"Piro-kun, look."

Pings face was twisted into a frown, Piro then realized that Largo really was gone as he looked at the thing that Ping held in her hands. The Cool Thing.

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