The eyes of Largo's corpse opened, dead eyes that neither comprehended nor cared. Two white-coated Sony techs looked with interest then turned their attention back to their workstations.

<Stage five of necrosis reversal complete, subject is still not responsive. >

<Bringing all neural implants online. >

Memory fragments flashed through Largo-things shattered mind like clouds driven by a hurricane. He blinked, something like thought began to return.


The techs looked at each other.

<What did it say? >

<I believe it is speaking l33t, it seems to want beer>

"N33d b33r…"

<Do you think that would be a wise thing to give it? You saw the scan of its internal organs, particularly the condition of the liver>

<We don't have to give it beer, watch this. >

The tech left his station and returned with a meal replacement drink. Then began checking readings at his workstation. <Let me adjust the implant here… ah perfect> He then opened the can and placed it in Largo's hand.

<Let's see if it can feed itself, if it can't then we may as well chop it up and sell the usable organs for transplant>

Largo's hand trembled as he brought the can to his lips, then he tipped it back and drained it.

"Nekter of t3h gods"

The techs smiled at each other.

<Not bad considering his condition on arrival eh? >

<No, not at all. It's a wonder he wasn't dead already though, that tumor was the size of a lemon. >

<Why didn't he notice that? What would such a thing do to a person? >

<Hard to say, he was alcoholic as well. It may have had no symptoms at all or it may have caused him to be delusional. >

<As strange as this town is I'd hate to have delusions as well>

Largo turned his head and looked at the techs. "M00r b33r."

<Awfully pushy for a cyber-zombie isn't he? >

<I can fix that>

Largo's back arched as pain swept over him in waves, his nose began to bleed and his eyes could not focus. Finally the pain stopped, his breath came in wracking sobs.

The senior tech walked over to face Largo, a piece of paper in his hand and he addressed Largo in English.

"Listen, you don't give the orders here understand? You belong to Sony now, see this?" He shoved the paper in Largo's face. "This is your death certificate, you are a reanimated corpse and have less rights than an android. Cyber-zombies are illegal in most of the world, you can never return to America even if you could somehow find a way back. They'd tear out the implants that keep you alive and then cremate you without bothering to see if you are still conscious."

Largo was quiet for a while as he slowly digested this new information. Then he began to scream.

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