In whispers:

<Erika? >

<Erika! >

<What is it Kimiko? >

<What do you think that they are doing out there? >

<Who is doing out where? >

<Ping and Piro. >

<Well, Piro is probably having fantasies about what we are doing in here. >

<Erika! That is not very nice. He's not like that. >

<How would you know? >

Kimiko was silent for a moment.

<Because he's nice. >

<Well, if he is nice then why are you worried about him and Ping?>

<It's just that... >

<Just what, Kimiko? Are you trying to say that you don't trust Ping?

<No! That's not it. >

<She should be in here with us girls. >

<Kimiko, they live together. If Ping wants to stay out in the front room with Piro why should we stop them? >

<I guess... >

Erika rolled off her bed and knelt beside Kimiko's bed.

<Masamichi tld me something tonight, about Largo. I don't know how I can tell Piro. >

<What? >

<Largo's Mortal Kombat Visa was revoked. >

<Oh? >

<Revoked with prejudice. >

<Oh! >

<I think Piro knows that something bad is going on but I don't know how to tell him. We'll just have to wait and see if Largo turns up again. >

There was a long silence.

<Erika, is it bad that I don't feel sorry for Largo? >

<After what he tried to do to you and then to me? Not really. > Erika sighed, <I wanted to like him, I really did. I tried but everytime he would do something else. >

<You never told me that. > Kimiko rolled onto her side to face Erika <Can we change the subject?>

<Sure. Did you know Ping can't remember much past two weeks ago. >

<Really! Well, I guess she is a robot girl. She can't be very old. >

<She's a lot more girl than robot, we talked about some things while Piro was taking a shower. >

<What things, Erika? >

<I never realized it but Piro is all that she has. She does have that one friend from school but Piro is really it. >

<I never really thought about it like that. >

<It's so sad, she really is so much like a flesh and blood girl but she thinks of Piro as her user and she has no problem with that. >

<I've had a few boyfriends like that. >

Both girls giggled then Erika continued, <My point is that if you want to be with Piro then you have to accept Ping. >

Kimiko lay back down, <I don't know if I can do that, Erika. Could you? >

Erika stood and went back to her bed, as she lay back down she answered <Maybe, just maybe. >

In the front room Piro strained to listen, his imagination changed the whispers and the creaking of mattresses into something he tried to put from his mind.

<Is something wrong, Piro-kun? >

<I..nothing >

<Were you listening to Hayasaka-san and Nanasawa-san?>

<Umm, yes. But I couldn't hear very well. >

<I could >

<Really, that's. Umm..>

<I know that eavesdropping is not polite but they were talking about us. >

<What were they saying? >

Ping thought for a long moment before her reply, <Nanasawa-san is worried and Hayasaka-san told her we would be alright together out here. >

<Do you want me to play back what they said? >

<No Ping, that's okay. >

Ping rolled up on her side and propped herself on her elbow, <Piro-kun, can I ask you a question? Promise you won't be mad. >

Piro lay still, <What Ping? >

<Promise first. >

<Okay, okay, I promise. What is it? >

<Have you ever kissed a girl? >

<What! >

<Piro-kun, you promised! > She rolled over to face away from him and buried her face in her arms.

<I'm sorry Ping.> Piro reached over to touch her back, she was trembling.

<Ping, are you okay? >

Her voice was muffled, < I'm not.>

<Are you crying? >

<No. >

Piro leaned closer, his face was inches from the back of her neck. <Why did you ask me that, Ping? >

Ping rolled back to face him, <I wanted to ask you to give me a goodnight kiss but I didn't know how. >

<Oh Ping. > Piro smile down at her, he felt warm breath on his cheek. <Ping, can I ask you something? > In the dim light Piro could see her smile and nod. <Do you have to breath? >

Pings eyes went wide and she stiffened, <I can stop if it is bothering you! >

<No, that's fine. It's kind of nice really. >

Ping smiled and blinked, she looked into Piro's eyes.

<Well, I guess a goodnight kiss is okay. Here goes.>

Piro slowly lowered his face to Pings, their lips brushed. Piro's hand brushed against Pings stomach and she caught it with her and and held it against her. Her lips parted as Piro kissed her, they were soft and warm. He kissed her again, this time more deeply and she drew him close. He broke away and looked into her eye, she smiled up at him.

Piro felt himself blushing, <Did you like it? > Mentally he winced, what a stupid thing to say to a girl.

Ping giggled, <Yes I did. >

Piro leaned toward her but she placed her hand against his chest, <We need to go to sleep Piro-kun.> She smiled <But maybe sometime when I have a full charge? >

Piro chuckled, why hadn't he played with her before tonight?

Ping rolled over and snuggled her bottom against Piro's stomach, she clasped his hand against her breasts. <Goodnight Piro-kun>

Piro hesitated then threw one leg across her hips, <Goodnight Ping. >

As Piro drifted off to sleep and Ping entered her sleep mode the door to Erika and Kimiko's room silently closed.

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