Kimiko awoke with a start, what was that noise? She listened intently; all she could hear was Erika breathing softly across the room. She slowly rolled to the edge of her bed and sat up, the clock said 5:33. It must have been something in the front room.

Making up her mind she stood and tiptoed to the door. Still nothing. She looked over toward Erika and then slowly opened the door slipped through into the front room. The light was still so dim that she couldn't make out either Ping or Piro on the foldout bed. Scarcely daring to breathe she crept closer until she could see the two of them nestled together like spoons. She was now standing at the foot of the bed and her eyes had gotten adapted to the dim light. She turned and hurried back when she realized the tee shirt Ping wore was pushed up to her waist and she was wearing nothing underneath it.

When she got back into the bedroom Erika was standing by her bed with her arms crossed. She spoke in a whisper.

<Close the door and turn on the lights Kimiko>

Kimiko did just that and looked back at Erika, <What's wrong? >

<How long have you been gone? >

<What do you mean? >

<I mean, how long were you out there with Ping and Piro? >

<I thought I heard something, Erika. The clock said 5:33 when I got up. >

Erika turned away, <I see. >

Kimiko was shocked; <You don't believe me? >

Erika looked back at her, <All I know is that I heard you stomping back in here just now. >

<I'm telling you the truth Erika. >

Erika bit her lip, <Kimiko, how do you sleep? >

<Umm, on my stomach I guess. >

Kimiko was becoming irritated; <I'm not sure what it is that you're getting at Erika. >

<Well, I guess you're more accepting of Ping than you thought you'd be, Right? >

<Erika! Stop talking in circles! >

Erika turned away again; her voice was breaking when she continued. <Kimiko, you always sleep in the nude. >

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