Miho smelled blood. She had first noticed it as Junko came in late for first period and it had only gotten stronger all morning. She watched Junko squirm in her seat, obviously in pain. She had turned once and looked at Miho, fear written deeply in her expression.

Junko jerked upright when her cell phone began vibrating, she looked around but no one was paying any attention but Miho and Ping. The Canadian English teacher was droning on and most of the class seemed to be nodding off just as she would have if it didn't hurt so much. Cautiously she brought the phone to her lap and flipped it open. A text message from Ikuku! That bitch was the cause of this! Her throat tightened as she read the short message and when she saw the photo that Ikuku had sent she slumped into her seat.

Miho had watched long enough,

<Come on Ping. >

Ping followed Miho to the front of the class.

<Help Junko, Ping. She needs to go to see Nurse Sugawara. >

Junko looked up at Ping, her eyes red. She started to stand but her knees buckled and Ping caught her before she could fall.

The teacher turned from the board, "What's going on here? Why are you girls out of your seat?" Miho looked him squarely in the eye, "Junko is hurt and we are taking her to the nurses office." The teacher's mouth opened and he started to protest, order them to sit down when something caught his eye. He could only nod. Miho went back to help Ping, she took Junko's other arm and picked up the cell phone lying on her seat. As they left the teacher continued to stare at the drops of Junko's blood on the floor.

<What happened, Junko? >

Junko whimpered in pain, <It hurts, Tohya-san. >

<Who hurt you? >

Junko shook her head; <I don't know his name. >

Miho's grip tightened as Junko started to collapse again, <Well then, how did this happen to you? Did someone attack you here at school? You were late today and you are never late. >

Junko shook her head, <No it was last night, and Ikuku called me to tell me about some college boys that were really throwing the money around. I met them at the train station and we went to the boy's apartment. >

Miho shook her head,

<Ikuku and I are sort of partners, that way one of us always know where the other is. >

Miho shook her head at Junko's half thought out safety measures <Well it's not very safe if you both go to the same place. >

Junko began to cry, <Why are you being so mean to me! I thought that you and Pingu-san were going to help! >

Miho's voice became gentle, <Junko, we are helping you. The police may ask much harder questions of you but you must be strong. > She looked over at Junko, <I know that you are a strong person. >

<No! Not the police! My parents will find out! What will my papa say? Junko tried to struggle but she was no match for Miho or Ping alone, much less both of them.

Nurse Sugawara was waiting for them when they arrived; Ping and Miho waited by the door as she started to examine Junko. They heard her gasp and she hurried out. <You girls stay right there, I must call the police and have them bring an ambulance. >

Miho snorted, why hadn't the fools done that already? The teacher must have contacted the office. No, that wasn't right, they couldn't smell blood and fear and pain the way she could, they wouldn't have known. . Miho went over to Junko's bed, Ping following close behind. Ping froze when she approached close by, staring at Junko's injuries. Miho felt rage growing, <Who did this Junko? Just tell me what he looks like, where I can find him. >

Junko looked at Miho, the pain was getting worse, <It was a big man, that's all I can tell you, Read the last message in my phone. >

Miho flipped the phone open and read the message from Ikuku then looked at the picture she had sent with it. She smiled but there was no amusement in it.

<Why would anyone hurt a girl like that? Why, Tohya-chan? >

<I don't think he'll hurt any more girl that way, Ping. Someone else has taken care of him. > She held the phone up for Ping to see.

Ping frowned, <Why is Largo-san wearing a hat with a sword on it, Tohya-san? >

Miho looked at her friend, < That's something that we will just have to find out. >

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