Dom felt terrible, as the day had progressed he had developed a low-grade fever and he couldn't seem to get enough to drink. Still, he had to call Miho. He wasn't sure what he was going to say to her but he knew that he had to see her.

The music in the Cave of Evil pounded in his ears like his pulse had this morning and it was no more comfortable. The doorman seemed to know him on sight, Dom wondered if he had been given a picture. He made his way around the dance floor to the table where she was waiting for him. Her arms were folded and she was resting her head on them.

"Hello, Miho."

She sat up straight in her chair and looked at him sadly. "Hi Dom, how do you feel?"

"I'm just fine Miho"

She scowled, "I would tell you not to lie to me but you look too sick for me to really be mad at you." She leaned forward and lay her hand across his forehead, "You're burning up, you need to go straight home from here and go to bed ."

Dom was puzzled, why was she suddenly acting like she was his mother? He shook his head to try and clear the spots that were floating in front of his eyes. If he had eaten anything he would have thrown up.

"They didn't throw you in the harbor last night did they?"

Dom looked up at Miho and shook his head miserably, "Not that I remember. But I really can't remember very much at all."

Miho reached into her purse, "Well, I'll make this quick. We have a little mystery to solve." She pulled out her cell phone and held it up so that he could see the picture. "Do you recognize him."

Dom couldn't focus; he shook his head no. Miho continued, "It is Largo, and the picture was taken yesterday morning."

"No way that Largo lived, just no way."

"Well I think that you need to check on it. Tell me, did you kill anyone else that might be out there wandering around?"

Dom's head began to pound; there was something that he just couldn't remember.

Miho looked at him, real concern on her face. "I'm taking you home Dom. I'm not working tonight, I just thought that this would be a good place to meet." She got up and took him by the arm to lead him out.

Dom didn't remember anything about the trip back to his condo, as he lay on his bed he wondered if Miho had to carry him. He would have been embarrassed by the thought if he had only felt better.

Miho came back into the room with cool, wet wash clothes. She gently wiped his forehead and began to hum a lullaby. She continued to wipe down his chest and then lower. He felt a sting and he realized that she was touching the brand on his hip. Only then did he realize that he was naked. He felt around for covers but then let his arms drop. Miho finished her ministrations and slid up to cradle his head in her lap.

"Poor Dom."

He looked up to see that her eyes were full of tears, she stroked his hair gently and then brushed the back of her hand against his cheek.

"I'll come by to check on you tomorrow, okay?"

Dom nodded his acknowledgment; Miho slid off the bed then leaned to kiss his cheek. He fell asleep before she had turned the lights off.

As Miho closed the door to leave she allowed herself a smile. The retrovirus had taken hold much quicker than the researchers had said that it would. She'd send them an email when she got back home.

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