Erika was smiling.

Piro had noticed it when he first woke up to the sound of the three girls giggling and talking. Apparently something had happened before he woke up but they refused to tell him what it was. Kimiko had just blushed and Ping had sat beside him on the folding bed and put her hand on his shoulder as they talked.

It felt good.

<Daydreaming, Piro? >

Piro started, a customer had just come in the store and here he was staring off into space. He looked over at Erika and she lightly touched his arm.

<Oh, just thinking about things. >

The customer brought his selection to the counter and Piro checked him out. When he finished up and the customer left he looked back at Erika, she was looking down with a serious expression on her face.

<Is there something wrong, Hayasaka-san? >

Erika took a deep breath and looked Piro in the eyes; <I talked to Masamich i last night while you and Ping were getting your things. >

Piro nodded, he felt a lump in his throat, <I saw. >

<Largo is in a lot of trouble. >

Piro bit his lower lip, <How bad? >

<His Mortal Kombat Visa was revoked with prejudice. >

Piro blinked; <Will he be deported? >

Erika looked down, <Junpei, the Ninja that was always hanging around with Largo. > Erika took a deep breath and looked up with a tear in her eye, <He was found dead. >

Piro could suddenly hear his pulse pounding in his ears, <Wha.What does that mean? >

<Largo subverted him, the Ninja was dishonored. Of course the Ninja all claim that they had nothing to do with it. >

<But what about Largo? >

<Largo was interfering with the balance of power in Tokyo. There were a lot of things, Largo was very busy. >

Piro's voice was cracking <But what will h appen to Largo? >

Erika looked over at the door then back at Piro. Piro felt numb as Erika reach out and took him into her arms.

<Yanagisawa, Piro and I need to take a break. > Yanagisawa raised an eyebrow when he saw the two of them.

<Okay, Hayasaka-san. Don't be too long. >

Erika led Piro into the break room and held him close. Piro looked up at her. <All these years I've always gotten him out of trouble. > He shook his head then wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. <Oh Piro, I'm so sorry. > She stroked his hair and took off his glasses, setting them on the television.

Piro and Erika sat on the sofa and she held him until his tears finally stopped.

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