For the fifth time Dom found himself driving past the High School.

It was her High School.

Maybe he drove by it every day on his rounds and just never noticed before. He didn't think so.

"What am I doing? Why am I doing this?" He thought.

But he knew he just wanted to see her. See Miho.

Dom was torn; he wanted revenge because he'd never been humiliated like that before. He could never put that in a report could he?

Part of him wanted something else entirely.

Class was out for the day and students were streaming out, laughing and talking. Dom remembered his own school days and smiled.

Dom's head whipped around when he heard a knocking on the window, it was a girl with hair the color of platinum done up in pigtails. He frowned and rolled the window down.

<What are you doing here Dom? >

It was her! How had she gotten there so quickly?

Ping l ooked at Miho, <Is this the friend that you were telling me about, Tohya-chan? >

Miho smiled, <Yes he is, Ping. Thank you for knocking on his window for me, I wanted to surprise him. >

Ping looked at Dom; <He looks surprised. >

Miho looked back at Dom.

<You haven't answered my question, Dom. >

Dom's mouth was dry; <I...I wanted to see you. >

Miho frowned, <I gave you my number, you could have called. >

Dom steeled himself, this was it. He reached down beside his leg and gripped the big pistol. It would be simple, just like crossing his arms. The silencer would be right in her face. She had surprised him the last time, caught him with his back turned.

He smiled and brought the pistol up.

Then the door of the van ripped off.

Dom found himself looking at the concrete of the sidewalk, there was a boot on the back of his neck

<I'm very disappoint ed by this, Dom. Very disappointed indeed. >

Miho twisted the pistol from Dom's hand, <Ping, could you hold this for me please? >

Ping nodded and took the weapon, her earblades seemed to twitch and the display on her right ear went red. She ejected the magazine and inspected the ammunition then reinserted it with a snap. She pinched the slide and retracted it partially to inspect the round in the chamber. Satisfied, she gripped the weapon two handed, the tip of her right index finger just touching the frame above the trigger. She then aimed weapon at Dom's head and assumed a picture perfect Weaver's Stance.

Miho raised an eyebrow, <How interesting, Ping. >

Ping didn't reply.

<I suppose that you've answered my question Dom. Now let me ask you another question, can you think of any reason I should allow you to live? >

Dom couldn't answer; he was fading from consciousness from the pressure of Miho's boot pressing int o his carotid artery. Suddenly Miho released him.

<I'm not going to kill you Dom; I've called my older brother. He will have some words with you about the way you have offended my honor. A tow vehicle will take your van back to Sega for you. >

An older brother! Dom's bladder and bowels suddenly relaxed and he curled up there on the sidewalk.


Ping watched the black Mitsubishi limo pull away, <Tohya-chan! Your brother is gorgeous! >

Miho smiled, <Yes, he is wonderful. He is so good to me. >

<Was that a JDF uniform he was wearing? It appeared to me that he is a Major. >

<Yes Ping, he is a Major. >

Ping and Miho began walking back toward Megagamers.

<It was nice of him to let me keep the pistol, Tohya-chan. Do you think I should tell Piro-kun that I have it? >

Miho g lanced sideways at Ping, <A girl needs a few secrets. >

Ping began to skip; <If Piro wasn't my end user I think I'd like for your brother to use me! >

Miho could only smile.

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