Ed looked up at the Sapporo Building as if he'd never seen it before.

"I nearly died."

He shook his head to try and clear away the fog that wrapped around his brain. The regeneration was incomplete and he should go back to the hotel and rest but he couldn't. Not after he had seen Largo. Largo didn't recognize him; he had just stared.

"Maybe I did die."

Ed turned and crossed the street; he was hungry now. The residuals from the treatments and the pain suppressants were taking their toll. There was a restaurant, a really nice looking place. That didn't matter though, he had unlimited credit.

They gave him a table by the window; his waitress spoke excellent English as well. It was a good thing too as he hated having to use the modded Clio to order. He watched people passing by the window and felt distant, as if he were really somewhere else seeing a video.

"I died."

The server brought his order, shiitake mushroom risotto and minestrone soup. It was wonderful. What would it be like to never get to taste anything like this again? Ed shook his head. The doctor had told him that his emotions would be messed up, just let it go.

But Ed couldn't let it go.

"Dom killed me."

He had run into Dom by that store, the one that Piro worked at. Why couldn't he remember the name? Dom had asked him if he was wearing armor and he'd said no.

What a stupid mistake to make.

Dom had told him that he wanted to show him something neat in the back of the van. Then he had flicked his jacket back and drawn that big pistol he was so proud of.

Dom shot him twice in the chest.

Ed took another bite of the risotto it was so good!

He almost admired the smoothness with which Dom had set him up. He'd even fallen right into the back of the van. Dom just flipped his legs up and slammed the lid. Dom must have known about the implanted tracker but Dom didn't know everything.

Dom didn't know about the implants that methodically shut down vital functions, that had lowered his core temperature. What had the doctors called it? Diving reflex! Yeah, that was it.

He had lain there, slowly fading away. He had been unable to move or speak.

But he could feel the pain.

He had waited for rescue, there should have been a team on its way but they never came. They told him that the van was shielded and had blocked the transmitter.

Dom had covered everything.

He had finally passed out before Dom had picked up Largo; He supposed that only Dom knew what had happened there. In his current state Largo couldn't remember and wouldn't care.

"I should warn Piro."

Ed shook his head; he had been removed from the EVS recovery. Something had happened, his superiors didn't even know what it was but they had told him to stay away.

"Can I get you some desert, sir?"

Ed looked up at the waitress; he had finished his meal without realizing it.

"Yes, I believe I'd like a cup of cocoa."

The waitress smiled at him, "I'll be right back with that for you, sir"

Ed watched her walking away and marveled at the rhythm of her hips. She looked over her shoulder and smiled at him.

Ed leaned back in his seat, his chest throbbed. It was such a beautiful day to be alive. Ed smiled.

"I am alive."

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