Yuki was worried.

Piro-san had seemed so sad when the lesson started, that old hag had kept staring at them and coming around to see what they were doing. She just knew it!

Mami an Asako hadn't been any help either, where did those two get off talking about Piro-san like that anyway? They acted like he wasn't even there!

Yuki began to unbutton her blouse, wouldn't it be fun if Piro-san could see her? She smiled and spun around the way she imagined a stripper would then threw the blouse across her bed. Catching her image in the small vanity mirror she swayed her hips then unzipped her skirt and let it fall around her ankles.

<I need some music! > She pranced over to the stereo and selected her favorite CD. As it started to play she smiled and began to sway to the rhythm.

Looking back at the vanity mirror she gave her best attempt at a sultry look and then hooked her thumbs under the straps of her bra. She pushed them out so that they fell off of her shoulders. Hesitantly she cupped her breast in her hands and leaned forward toward the mirror.

<That old woman probably sags down to her knees! > Yuki giggled, she just knew that Piro-san would much prefer her to some huge old cow!

Tossing the bra aside Yuki then turned her back to the mirror and slowly began to pull down her panties. She bent over lower and lower all the while watching herself. Now they were at her knees and she wiggled her bottom at the mirror…

<Yuki, can I borrow…>?


Yuuji stood in the doorway with his eyes bulging and his mouth wide. Yuki started to turn toward him then realized she was naked and turned back toward the bed. Her legs tangled in her underwear she fell forward sprawling.

<Close the door Yuuji! >

Yuuji pushed the door closed, footsteps came down the short h allway, <What's going on? Is Yuuji bothering you? >

Yuki thought fast, <It's okay mama he just startled me. >

<Well then, no more screaming. >

<Yes mama. >

Yuki could breath again when she heard the footsteps going away.

<Stop staring at me, Yuuji! >

Yuuji blinked rapidly then looked up at the ceiling. <What were you doing? >

Yuki blushed; <I was looking at myself in the mirror. >

Yuuji continued to stare up, <Why? >

Yuki scrambled over to get her nightgown off the bed, <I was wondering if I am sexy. > She quickly pulled the gown on and Yuuji looked at her. She realized he had never stopped watching.

Yuuji blushed.

Yuki pursed her lips and looked at Yuuji through narrowed eyes. <What do you think? If I weren't your little sister would you think that I am sexy? >

Yuuji backed up against the door and started to sweat, <Yes I would. >

Yuki looked her older brother up and down, something dawned on her, <Yuuji, you are thinking perverted thoughts about me! >

Yuuji shook his head, <No! It's just that I had never seen a real naked girl before even if she is my sister. >

Yuki's eyes widened, <Really? I thought that you and that girl last year, umm. >

Yuuji shook his head then glared; <Don't you tell anyone! > He went to sit in the edge of the bed; <Papa being in TPCD makes it hard to get a girl that trusts you. You should be careful too. > Yuuji looked around, <You know that he can check surveillance video from Juki.net anytime he wants and it works much better than even the Ministry thinks it does. >

Yuki blanched, he could have caught her skipping school that day!

Yuuji sighed; <You've always been so perfect. That's why he has never checked up on you. >

Yuki was silent for a moment, <What was it you wanted when you came barging in on me like that? >

<To borrow your Dreamcast >

They both stood, Yuki turned and hugged Yuuji tight before getting the game system.

<Goodnight Yuuji. >

<Goodnight little sister. >

After he left Yuki got her phone out and made a call.


<Hi Piro-san, thank you for the lesson today! >

<Oh, hi Sonoda-san. You're welcome. >

<I was thinking, at the next lesson is there a place more private we could be so that Mami and Asako and everyone aren't distracting us? >

<Sure, listen Sonoda-san I have to go. Hayasaka-san and I are at the train station right now going to see a friend and we're about to get on the train. >

<Okay, bai bai. >

<Bye. >

Piro slipped the phone back into his pocket and finished washing his hands; Erika was waiting right o utside the Men's Room. He had forgotten all about Yuki calling by the time he rejoined her.

Yuki closed her phone and scowled, <Tomorrow…>

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