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Real or No?
by Eli Young (Elyscape)
Many, many apologies to the l337 Toby Emerson

Her skirt... it is blue
Her life... maybe it's true
Sometime... her friend must heal
The truth... she cannot feel

Lifetimes... she won't live
People... she won't forgive
Those thoughts... are just numbers
She feels... naught but slumber

Over pain and simple lies,
There is one who doesn't fear
The tourment and what the truth will hide
Despite an age of about half a year

When she "dies" there will not be
A sacred soul that will live on
She's simply a smart machine that is
Built of quite persuasive brains and brawn

*instrumental break*

Feelings... real as yours
Despite... her love of chores
The sighs... all truly real
Her bod... it's made of steel

Mindless... she is not
Alas... she once was bought
Now those... who she lives near
See her... as rather queer

Though she is not a real child,
She is human, she thinks well
By assuming that she is not true
One locks her in a very secure cell

Her body may not be built
Of solid flesh and liquid blood
But inside this frame there lies a soul
With feelings, enough to make a flood

*instrumental break*

Come on, peope, can't you see
That we have no solid proof
Perhaps she is sentient, perhaps not
Assuming something would be a goof


Death From Above
by Toby Emerson

Falling... to the ground
A strike... without a sound
The scars... will never heal
The pain... you cannot feel

*repeat once*

Over simple clouded skies,
A bird soars through the air
And watching while the end begins
For many on the ground unaware

*repeat once*

*instrumental break*

(repeat entire thing once, then repeat second stanza twice more)

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