Miho sat on the edge of Junko's hospital bed, concern written on her face.

<Ping, could you go and check the hallway again please? >

Ping went to the door and looked both ways, <Still no one Tohya-chan. >

When Miho and Ping had first arrived the attendant at the visitor's desk had claimed that no young woman had checked in. Miho knew quite a few orderlies and nurses who was habitue of the Cave of Evil. Finally she had found one who whispered that a young woman had been brought in and all the patients in one wing had been moved out.

Miho didn't like it at all.

Junko looked at Miho, her eyes were red and puffy from crying, <What is happening Tohya-san? You and Ping-san are the only ones who have come to see me. There has not even been a doctor or nurse since they put me in this room. > She hugged her pillow and started crying again; <I want my mama and papa! >

Miho closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, aside from the hospital smells and the scent of blood from Junko's wounds she caught a whiff of something else. She exhaled and scented again, there it was! She could detect the faint scent of laundry soap and male sweat. She'd never have noticed if the corridor had not been rendered so sterile.

Miho looked at Ping and nodded, Ping's earblade glowed red.

<What is going on Tohya-san? >

<Someone is coming. >

Miho stood as the man came into the room; he was wearing hospital scrubs with a lab coat and sterile mask.

<What are you girl's doing here? >

Miho smiled at him; <We are visiting our friend. >

The man stared, <Well, visiting hours are past. You must leave now. >

Miho's smiled disappeared; <I have a few questions before we go. Why is Junko here alone in this place? Why have no doctors been by to see her since she was treated? >

<It's a matt er of security; she may have been a witness to a crime. >

Miho looked down at the ground demurely, <I'm am very sorry to have troubled you. > The man nodded, <Get out then! >

Miho looked up at him, her face was a mask of rage, and <I don't like to be addressed in that manner and I find it to be disrespectful >

<Impudent child! You'll die with your friend! > The man drew the Wazikashi he had concealed under his coat and slashed upward at Miho. She simply stepped aside.

<I was a bit concerned, I was afraid that Higher Authority had sent a Ninja. >

The man grunted and raised the sword for another strike just as Ping hit him.


The hospital wing was bustling with activity; police from TPCD were everywhere along with doctors, nurses and Junko's family. Junko was hugging her father and crying as her mother held her hand.

<Tohya-san, I'd like for you to go over this just one more time please. >

<I think that you have enough Inspector, there is nothing more that I can add. >

Inspector Sonoda Masamichi sighed, he should have been home in bed. Instead he was here, all because a gynoid had knocked down a couple of walls in a hospital. To top it off he had to deal with this creature. He briefly wondered what she was; he'd only seen a few like her and no one had ever had any explanation for them.

<May I ask you a few questions, Inspector? >

<Perhaps, what are they? >

<I would like to know who was responsible for my friend being setup for some thug to slaughter. > She looked him in the eyes; <I really don't care why. >

Sonoda felt a chill go up his spine as he met her gaze; <The CFO of the corporation that owns this facility lost his son to a terrorist incident this morning. Your friend had been at a party there last night. Perhaps he is mad with grief and felt it unfair that your friend had lived when his son had died. >

<I told you that I don't care why. >

Sonoda shuddered, <I see. >

Miho turned, <Come along Ping, we are going down to the Administrative Office to access their computers. I'm sure that it will verify what the good Inspector has told us. >

Sonoda turned away from the two girls as they walked away and began shouting at the workmen to finish painting. Miho looked over at Ping, <I believe that I have thought of a way from Dom to prove himself to me. That is if he is still alive. >

Ping began to skip as they got near the elevator, she really wished that they would have let her finish sweeping.

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