Sonoda Masamichi's breakfast donut sat in his stomach like a lead weight.

The day had started well enough; he just had to finish up the report of the previous night's incident. That was when he started to see problems. That was the second dead Ninja in two days, From Sonoda's point of view the Ninja were always a problem. True, they had settled the Yakuza problems but he wasn't sure that they weren't even worse with the veneer of respectability that had been given to them by Higher Authority. Next was the issue of the gynoid that had wrecked the hospital. It was the same one that Largo had provoked in the last Gameru incident.

Sonoda grimaced; he had to bear a large part of the blame for Largo's downfall. He should have flagged him. As long as Largo was distracted with games and beer he was no danger to anyone. Sonoda had to monitor quite a few like Largo, he thought of them as sort of anti-Idols. Where an Idol can control chaos, harness it for the good of society people like Largo seemed to be able to churn chaos out of control, usually while attempting to do good themselves.

<What is that saying? The road to Hell is paved with good intentions> Sonoda chuckled to himself, Largo had surely taken him in. He had received a severe reprimand for hiring Largo, as had the Principal of the high school where he had worked.

Sonoda returned to his paperwork, something about the girl bothered him. Something beyond the fact that she had been set up for assassination. Then it hit him, she had been the girl that Yuuji had gone out with for a while last year. Yuuji was still angry with him for a simple slip of the tongue. He had merely asked them how they had enjoyed the movie. Junko was sharp, she knew that they hadn't told him they were going to a movie and she immediately realized that he had checked up on them. Yuuji hadn't been able to get a date since.

Sonoda snorted, <It wouldn't kill young people to tell t heir parents where they are going off too, would it? >

<Did you need something, Inspector? >

Sonoda looked up, startled. Lt. Kurasawa was looking at him with an expression of concern on his face.

<Nothing, Lieutenant. Just muttering to myself. >

Kurasawa stood there for a few more moments before nodding curtly and leaving.

Sonoda grimaced, just great. As if things weren't bad enough he gets caught talking to himself. He leaned back in his chair and stared at the ceiling. Now he couldn't stop thinking about Junko, how small and sad she had looked. If the gynoid and that other creature hadn't have been there he'd never have known about it. Homicide would have been assigned to the case.

He closed his eyes and the scene came back to him but in his minds eye the girl was Yuki. Sonoda broke into a cold sweat. No not Yuki, she was a good girl wasn't she? She wouldn't fall in with bad company!

Sonoda thought a bout, trying to convince himself but the arguments sounded hollow. Yuki never told him where she went. He never even asked. When she said that she was going to sleepover at Mami or Asako's he never called to check up on her to see if she was okay!

Sonoda held his head in his hands. He would just die if anything happened to his little girl! Well, his wife would kill him anyway.

He didn't want to but he would have to start checking up on Yuki.

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