<What's wrong Tohya-chan? >

Miho looked up from her omelet and met Pings gaze. <I don't know Ping, I think I'm just disappointed with the way Dom turned out. >

<What will happen to Dom? >

<I'm not sure, if he's reasonable he'll be okay. If he gets stubborn or willful with my brother then I'm not sure. >

Ping took another bite of waffles and chewed it thoughtfully. <Will you be looking for another boyfriend? >

Miho smiled, <Finding a boyfriend is no problem, finding an interesting boyfriend is a problem. >

<Do you think that Piro-kun is interesting? >

Miho looked at Ping and wondered where she was going with this line of questioning, it really wasn't like her to go on like this.

<Yes, Piro is very interesting. It's just not obvious when you first meet him like it was with Largo or Dom. >

<Largo is still alive isn't he? Maybe y ou could find him. >

Miho looked Ping squarely in the eyes and took a sip of her tea. Ping returned her stare, unblinking.

<Ping, are you afraid that I'll try to take Piro from you? >

Ping looked back down at her waffles and whispered, <Yes. >

Miho took a deep breath then slowly released it to calm herself, <Ping, we are best friends. I know that you are bonded to Piro even if he doesn't realize it. I won't do anything to hurt you. >

Ping looked back at Miho, her face a mask of misery. <The night before last was the first time we slept together, Tohya-chan.>

<You what! >

<At Hayasaka-sans we both slept on the folding bed. Nanasawa-san wanted me to stay in the room with her and Hayasaka-san. She seemed to be very upset. >

Miho smiled, <I'll bet she was. >

<But last night Piro-kun was alone there with them. >

Ping suddenly perked up as she lo oked toward the door and waved, <Hi Piro-kun, hi Hayasaka-san! >

Piro and Erika made their way back to Miho and Pings booth; Ping stood and hugged Piro. >

<Ping, stop! You are getting syrup on my face. >

Ping dropped her arms but caught his hands in hers then pulled him into the booth beside her. <I missed you Piro-kun! Thank you for calling lasts night, Tohya-chan and I had fun at the hospital! >

Miho just stared at Ping, since when was something like that fun for Ping? <We need to get to school, and they need to get some breakfast. >

<Okay. >

Piro slid back out and to let Ping stand. Miho glanced back and forth from Erika to Piro, was there something there? Erika smiled at Miho then laid her hand on Piro's shoulder. Ping seemed not to notice.

<Bai bai Piro-kun, bai bai Hayasaka –san! >

Ping chattered happily but Miho was silent as they walked on to school. Miho was trying to make sense of what she had just seen.

<Ping, have you had a talk with Hayasaka about Piro? >

<Oh yes, She is very nice! She told me that she would keep an eye on him and take care of him for me when I'm not around! >

Miho mouth opened then closed again; there are some questions that you don't want answered.

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