Dom woke up with a headache. His head hadn't felt like this since, well he couldn't remember anytime it ever that it had felt like this. Even trying to remember hurt.

He lay as still as possible, trying not to breath too loudly. His pulse was pounding in his ears. Reluctantly he rolled to his side and swung his legs off the bed. "I must have gotten really hammered last night." He smacked his lips; "I need a drink. "

Dom rose unsteadily to his feet and stumbled toward the kitchen of his condo. It was immaculately clean. Dom shook his head, he couldn't remember cleaning the kitchen either.

"What happened last night? What did I do? " He thought about it some more but the pounding in his head was getting worse. Staggering into the bathroom he got some aspirin and tried to swallow them dry but choked. Finally he was able to get them down after getting another drink of water.

Dom looked around the bedroom; his clothes were neatly fo lded in a chair. When did he do that? That was an odd thing to do when you come in drunk isn't it? He looked at them closer and realized that they were freshly washed, they smelled of fabric softener.

Finally dressing he went into the living room and sat down in front of the television. He had made up his mind that he was calling in sick; there was no way that this was a hangover. Not that it mattered that much, he really only reported to his office when he felt like it when out on special assignments. Still, it's best to keep the superiors up to date.

Clicking on the television he surfed through the channels then quickly back up to a news channel. Unbelieving, he stared at the date and time in the lower left of the screen. That couldn't be right could it? He couldn't have lost an entire day could he?

As the pounding in his head finally began to subside he began to feel pain in other parts of his body. Memories began to come back,

"No way, I must have had a nightmare!" Bizarre images seemed to float through his mind like hellish clouds.

He shuddered at one memory in particular, his head was in a black bag and there was a voice. It was explaining things to him, very bad things

"No, that can't be right." .I remember picking up Largo, we must have gone out drinking. That has to be it. He smiled and tried to remember what had happened. The smile slowly faded as he remembered a red laser dot right between Largo's eyes. Dom felt panic rising in him, it just had to be a nightmare didn't it?

Rising from his seat he headed toward the bathroom again, there was something on his hip that was itching now and he had to see what it was. He stood in front of the mirror and dropped his trousers. Carefully he pushed down the waistband of his underwear to discover a large patch of gauze over the itchy spot.

"No, please no." He swallowed as another memory came to him and he slowly peeled the bandage away. He knew then that it really was a nightmare, but not one that he could ever wake up from.

Dom had been branded, and though it was still raw and red he could read the name of Tohya Miho on his hip.

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