Yuki couldn't wait to get started, she just knew that this would be it. She thought about Piro, how she would sit close beside him. How he would lean in to look at her work, He would turn to look at her and their faces would be ever so close. She would steal a kiss. That would be it, then he would want her as much as she wanted him.

<Yuki, Stop! >

She looked up to realize that she had nearly walked right out into the path of a car.

Asako made a face, <What are you trying to do, get him to come see you at the hospital? >

Mami glared at Yuki, <You should be more careful. You might get hurt! >

Yuki turned away from them and waited to the signal to change. Now Mami and Asako were walking on either side of her. <Could you two just leave me alone? >

Mami took her arm, <No we will not! You are our friend and we are worried, you've not been yourself ever since you first met this guy. >

Yuki jerked her arm away; <I know what I'm doing! I'll be just fine. >

The trio continued on in silence.

Inspector Sonoda monitored the Juki.net surveillance system from a TPCD Patrol Unit. His heart nearly stopped when Yuki started to cross the street against traffic. Drumming his fingers on the dashboard he pondered where they might be going. He watched as the girls slowed to a more leisurely paced near Megagamers and he smiled, His technicians had installed surveillance devices all through the building on the night of Largo's disappearance. He'd be able to keep tabs on her no matter where she went, even if she went into the upstairs apartment. His smile faded when he spotted something else. That strange pair from the hospital weren't too far behind his daughter.

<Lieutenant, let's head on over toward Megagamers. I'd like to ask Hayasaka-san if she's seen Largo lately. >

Kurasawa nodded and made a U-turn, he had seen the death certificate for the subject Largo himself. Why wouldn't the Inspector tell Hayasaka of it? He shrugged; such knowledge was obviously above his pay grade.

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