Well you know Piro's gonna screw it up somehow, an' then we're gonna have to take a special side-trip to Tokyo and kill him...

but other than that, why're you grumpy?

Because, when she was trying to teach Ping to sing, she'd say that sometimes she thought I was the only one she could talk to, that... that it wasn't what she said, so much as how she said it, and that every fanboy in a hundred mile radius will hear that special, quiet voice, just because one fanboy is too lame to reassure her... seems tragic.

That she'll lose something private and terribly important, without knowing it. And that she'll never learn it, because what can you say about it without sounding stupid, and bitter? It's the choices we make about privacy in relationships, the things we keep to each other and the things we share, and the things we keep to ourselves. Some people cite dreams, most often.

But it's not just about your dreams, it's about what your new best friend dreams about about you; when he sees your hands on his coffee pot when he wakes up in the morning, and smiles because he's being silly, and isn't afraid that he's losing he's mind.

(Unlike those black ribbons that you leave hanging on your hatrack in the morning, grinning somehow indecently, that are gone when you return in the evening.)

And that she doesn't know that you see her hands making your coffee is what makes it work, somehow. Because you always wonder how the beautiful can look themselves in the mirror every morning, and go on being who they are.

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