Dom woke up slowly, he felt himself being gently shaken. At first he couldn't focus but slowly he could make out Miho's face. Miho smiled at him, "You haven't moved since I left you, how are you feeling? "

Dom considered the question, he wasn't in any pain now but he felt detached as if he were floating.

"I feel fine. "

Miho nodded then reached over to the nightstand to get a tall glass.

"Drink this, it will help you recover your strength."

Dom started to sit up and immediately regretted it, his head felt like some had kick him. He fell back to the pillow with a groan.

Miho considered him grimly then she grinned mischievously, "Well, if you can't sit up then I'll just have to feed you myself. "

Dom was puzzled as Miho took a sip from the glass then his eyes went wide as she leaned over him. She couldn't!

Miho brushed her lips against Dom's but he turned his head. Miho took his jaw in her hand and squeezed, pulling his mouth open. His lips parted and he shared the drink she had taken as they kissed.

Miho broke away then looked down at Dom, "Did you like that?

Dom licked his lips; "Do you mean the drink or the kiss?"

Miho didn't answer but instead took another drink, this time Dom didn't try to turn away.

After Miho finished feeding Dom she took his head into her lap and began to massage his temples.

"Can you remember anything more?"

Dom thought on this for a while, "I remember something else, I shot Ed too."

Miho stopped rubbing his temples, "Who is Ed? "

"He was another of my…" an expression of pain came across his face.

"Another friend?" Miho began to massage his temples again, "So I guess that it didn't mean anything special when you tried to kill me in front of the school."

Dom closed his eyes, "What was wrong with me, Miho?"

Miho slid her hands down Dom 's chest, "When you were examined by the technicians at the research center they found a small device, about the size of a grain of rice, implanted in the base of your skull."

Dom blinked rapidly; "Did they take it out?"

Miho smiled, "You don't even want to know what it might have been?"

Dom looked up at her; "I know what it was suppose to be. "

Miho's strong, slender fingers dug into Dom's shoulders, "It was probably what you think it was, you just didn't understand what it could do to you."

"What do you mean by that?"

"It's a fairly simple device, it contains an RFID tracker along with a few other things. Carefully calibrated dosages of designer drugs that trigger your bodies own functions on demand. I'm sure Sega thinks it is state of the art."

Dom nodded unhappily then Miho continued, "What Sega didn't tell you was that they could trigger emotions and physical conditions in your body on command."

Dom pursed his lips then reached up to play with Miho's hair; "So, did they take it out?"

"No, that would raise suspicion. The changes that you are going through now will destroy the power of the device over you. The RFID will still function but a small cyst will form around the thing."

Dom wrinkled his nose, "That's kind of gross… "

Miho smiled as she watched Dom's eyelids flutter then close, soon his even breathing told her that he had fallen back to sleep. She gently placed the pillow under his head then leaned to kiss him softly. She wasn't quite sure what she wanted to do with him yet but she was getting some ideas.

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