Largo was polishing his boots.

Ed turned to the Sony lab tech, "Why is he doing that, Yoshimura?"

Yoshimura grinned then replied, "He likes it, whenever we reanimate one of these guys they always develop a personality of sorts. Largo thinks those jump boots are cool so he polishes them."

Ed frowned, "Those aren't even issue boots, how did he get them? "

Yoshimura shrugged, "We let them have net access when they aren't down in their vats, he found them online and we ordered them for him. They can play games and other stuff too."

"I guess I just don't understand, why don't you just keep them in the vats? This is really sort of creepy. And why isn't he wearing pants?"

Yoshimura chuckled, "If you leave them in the vat all the time there's a good chance that they won't wake up if you need them. So we get them up for a couple of hours every few days and let them wander around. As for the pants, he just keeps taking them off."

Ed grunted in acknowledgement, he had realized what else was creepy besides the wandering cyberzombies. The security cameras were constantly tracking him and Largo while seeming to ignore the Yoshimura and the other two 'zombies.

Largo was finally satisfied and carefully donned his socks then laced the boots in an intricate fashion. Yoshimura nudged Ed, "Go on, do what you came here for."

Ed slowly approached Largo and stopped about two meters from him. Largo looked up at him and stared for a minute then reached down beside the chair to pick up a game controller. He looked back and forth between the controller and Ed then pitched it to him. Ed sat down on the floor as Largo got the other controller and started Mortal Kombat Deception.

They played for three hours straight, Ed noticed that the cameras had finally stopped focussing only on him and Largo after the first hour. At the end a bizarre flickering pattern came on the screen, Largo shut the sys tem down and left without a word.

"Well, what do you think?"

Ed up looked at Yoshimura sadly, "He really is gone, there's something there but it's not really Largo. Maybe just a small piece of him but that's all."

Yoshimura nodded, "Yes, over time he'll become even less like your friend was. He'll still like beer and playing games but then all of them do"

Ed stared at the camera as he stood, it was watching him again, "I suppose that answers all of my questions."

Yoshimura nodded, "When will you return to duty?"

Ed looked over at him as he turned to leave, "They've told me to take a few more days off until they decide what to do about the EVS situation."

Ed and Yoshimura continued to chat as they left the building, the cameras resumed their normal pattern of sweeps. Across the Sony campus, in the EDS development lab an EVS that was one phase nearer to production than Ping opened its eyes.

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