Piro lay on the folding bed listening to the girls talking in the next room. He couldn't really make out anything that they were saying, occasionally he would hear a burst of laughter and it would make him smile. Sighing, he rolled over and hugged his pillow. Things were a lot less complicated when he didn't know that anyone actually liked him.

Ping came through the door looking over her shoulder, <Good night Hayasaka-san, good night Nanasawa-san. > She came across the room and hopped onto the bed beside him.

<Is something wrong, Piro-kun? >

Piro looked up at her, her expression of concern made him smile, <No Ping, I was just thinking how lucky I am. >

Ping made a face at him then started rubbing his back, <Yes there is, so tell me. >

Piro hesitated, <Well, it's so complicated now. Living with three girls. Girls that like me. >

Ping straddled his back then began to massage him, s liding her hands under his shirt. <So, you liked it better thinking that no one liked you? >

Piro looked over his shoulder at her, <No.>

Ping kneaded his back harder and pushed his shirt up farther, <You liked living in an attic with a guy that ran around with no pants better than being with girls? >

Piro laughed, <No, of course not. >

Ping pulled Piro's shirt off over his head, <I think I know what you mean though, we need a place of our own. Even the place over the store would do I guess. > Ping began rubbing Piro's shoulders now.

Piro lay still for a while just enjoying Pings touch, <You're right, I guess I'll start looking tomorrow. Living in a storage area isn't very good. >

Ping leaned forward and slid her hands under Piro's body to hug him, she whispered into Piro's ear; <Can I ask you a silly question? >

Piro smiled, <Of course you can, Ping-chan.>

<Is Hayasaka-s an a better kisser than I am? >

Piro stiffened, <Umm, no. You are better. >

Ping squeezed him a little tighter, <That's very sweet of you to say I know you don't want to hurt my feeling but I can tell that you are lying. >

Piro swallowed as Ping easily rolled him over onto his back. <I think that Hayasaka-san has just had more practice than me, what do you think, Piro-kun? >

Piro looked up at Ping and nodded, <Yes, that's probably true. >

Ping leaned forward until the tips of their noses touched; <I have a full charge tonight so I think that we should practice, don't you? >

Piro didn't answer with words; he wrapped his arms around her and soon forgot all about his worries and fears.

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