Yuki was furious.

She couldn't believe this; Piro was giving her lesson back down in the main part of the store again. It was true that no one was disturbing them, Mami and Asako had finally gotten the message and were now hanging out with the two boys that had been in the store yesterday.

<Let me see Sonoda-san. >

Yuki tilted her pad for Piro to inspect her latest effort, she could have leaned just a little more and bumped his head with hers.

Piro turned and smiled, <Very good! >

Yuki blushed <thank you Piro-sensei. >

She smiled as she returned to her work; even the smallest praise from P iro made her feel so good. Her thoughts wandered for a bit as she considered the drawing. That girl who had been teasing Piro yesterday was Tohya-sans friend. Maybe she should go talk to Tohya-san sometime.

Erika was smiling as she looked around the corner to watch Piro and Yuki. He was just so cute when he was concentrating like that! His expression was one of pure enjoyment when he was drawing and he obviously enjoyed teaching Yuki as well.

<Hi, Hayasaka-san! >

Erika turned, <Oh, hi Ping. > She looked around, <Where is your friend, Tohya-san? >

<She went to see Dom, he has been sick and she wants to go check on him. >

Erika licked her lips, <Who is Dom? >

Ping smiled, <He is Miho-chan's boyfriend, and you might know him. He is one of Piro-kun's friends. We had a big fight with him in front of the school the other day but now they have made up! >

Erika nodded, suddenly she felt numb. <That's nice. >

Ping looked at Erika expectantly for a moment then announced, <Well then, I'm going to go sweep now! >

Erika watched as Ping ran off to get the broom. She made a decision, she was going to have to talk to Miho and warn her about Dom.

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