Kimiko got to the studio early the next day, she was feeling quite cheerful despite some of the things that Ping had told her the night before. Only Rostovich-san was in the break room as she got herself a cup of coffee. She thought that his name sounded Russian but he was an American and he was the local coordinator for Cubesoft security.

As he stood she was struck by how big the man was. <Good morning, Nanasawa-san. >

<Good morning. >

<I was hoping that I might catch you here before recording began for the day. >

Kimiko smiled, to be such a tough looking man he had a very soft voice. <I wanted to talk to you as well, Rostovich-san. >

He nodded, and sat down. For a security man he seemed to be very informal though Kimiko suspected that he was behaving that way to make her feel more at ease.

<We have located the servers that were hosting the material. The system administrators for al l but one were persuaded to remove any incidences of your likeness that may have existed in their machines. >

Kimiko looked at him, her eyes narrowed, <And the one? Was it? > She left the question hanging.

Rostovich nodded; <It was as you had warned us. > He smiled broadly showing perfect teeth; <We were forced to take other measures. >

Kimiko shuddered; she had no doubt what the other measure would have been. Taking a sip of coffee she thought of Erika. Erika had only thought that she knew what it was like to have someone that thought that they owned you. Well, if anyone deserved Rostovich's special attention it had been those people.

He looked Kimiko in the eye, <Were you able to talk to the girl? >

<You mean Ping? Yes I did. >

<How about Hayasaka-san? >

Kimiko shrugged, <No, Erika was preoccupied last night. I really think it's useless to try and talk to her. >

Rostovich nodded, <I had to ask, ever since she left people in the industry have been wondering when she would come back. >

Kimiko shook her head; <If she wants to she'll contact you. > She took a deep breath, <Ping might be agreeable to allowing you access if you help her with something first. >

Rostovich furrowed his brow in puzzlement, <What kind of robot is this that would negotiate? >

<She's more girl than robot, I showed her Largo's letter along with the pictures as you suggested. > She scowled at him then, <How did you know that would work? >

Rostovich shrugged, <Lucky guess, the letter did mention this Largo's plans for her once you had dumped his friend. >

<Well, it seems that she had taken a strong dislike to him before he disappeared. >

Rostovich nodded, <So what is it that she wants help with? >

<After I told her of seeing Largo's death certificate she told me that she had seen a photograph of him after that. That he had killed some friends of one of her schoolmates two days ago. >

Rostovich's eyes widened <Go on. >

<She wants to know where he is, it apparently bothers her that he is alive when he is suppose to be dead. > Kimiko took another sip of coffee, <I don't know if it's robot logic or some sort of self-defense thing. She really had been concerned that Largo intended to experiment on her. >

Rostovich nodded and smiled, <That's all? Just find this guy? We can handle that with no problem. >

Kimiko looked at her watch; <I'd better be going. We start in ten minutes and I like to be early. >

Kimiko was still cheerful as she made her way to the studio proper, she really wasn't too concerned about Erika and Piro, she knew how Erika was.

Her smile widened, when Ping's earblades had lit up red last night she had almost felt sorry for Largo.

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