O300 Sony Enforcement Barracks:

<Looks like we have a job, Captain. >

The Captain had never been a handsome man, the scar that ran from the corner of his left eye down to the right side of his mouth made him down right ugly, <What do we have, Trooper. >

The Air Assault Trooper had him the printout; the Captain hated reading from a display monitor.

<Huh, looks like cleanup from the last operation. You'd think that people would learn a lesson when you make an example of their children for them. >

The Trooper perked up in interest. <The penthouse deal? Thought that name sounded familiar. >

The Captain nodded, <Yeah, I was sort of expecting this. The kid's old man had a taste for young girls; he was the one that provided the entertainment for the party. Called some girls that he liked to play with. >

The Trooper feigned nonchalance, what the Captain was telling him was def initely not in the orders they had just received. <So, why are we visiting this guy so early in the morning? >

The Captain laughed, <The fool tried to clean up after himself, and he hired a Ninja to neutralize a girl that survived. The Ninja got his ass pounded through two hospital walls and fell eight stories. So the guy paid for a dead Ninja. >

The Trooper laughed then; anything that was bad for Ninja was okay by him.

<We want to make a lot of noise or are we going to try to be subtle? >

<Not too subtle, wake up a cyberzombie, one that doesn't speak Japanese. He'll be the door kicker, load him out with heavy assault armor. I'm going on this personally with you. We'll be wearing Stealth Kits. >

The Trooper saluted, <Yes Sir! > He grinned evilly as he headed toward the vats; this was going to be fun!

The Bell 500D helicopter bore marking for Kawasaki Heavy Industries. Those allowed it to approach the estate outside of Tokyo without drawing attention. Even TPCD didn't know how they were going to carry out the sanction. It was still three meters off the ground when the Trooper shoved Largo toward the door, "Move it meat, you know what to do."

Largo had just hit the ground when he felt 9-millimeter slugs impacting his chest. Looking around he spotted a bodyguard shooting from an upstairs window. As he brought the grenade launcher to his shoulder the Captains voice came through his earpiece. "Take out the door, we've got him. "

Largo aimed and fired his weapon, the proximity fuse detonated the grenade two meters in front of the door. Largo pumped his arm in the air in glee and shouted. "BOO YAH!"

"Quit screwing around and get inside now. "

Largo grunted in reply and charged toward the gaping hole where the massive oak doors had stood moments before. As he got to the steps leading up to the doorway he fired another round which detonated in mid air in the hug e entry room.

As Largo sprinted on into the house he could hear screaming and moans from three more bodyguards. He started to aim the grenade launcher when the familiar voice came to him again.

"We've got these, go right into the dining room." Largo was suddenly aware of bullets hammering into the wounded, ending their cries of suffering. Now he was aware that his comrades were beside him, ghostlike. He could only make them out because of the way the smoke coiled around their nearly invisible forms.

Largo kicked the door to the dining room open; an elderly Japanese woman fell sprawling as the door struck her. A well-dressed man stood on the other side of a massive table and shouted something that largo couldn't understand.

Largo fired another round.

Largo woke up on the helicopter; the trooper and the captain were laughing and talking.

"Well, hello there sleeping beauty."

Largo looked around in confusion, "What happened?"

The two men looked at each other and laughed then looked back at Largo. "Your own grenade knocked you out. No big deal for a guy like you, next time just step back a little first."

Largo looked forlorn as he sat there staring at his cool new boots. The trooper poked him, "hey, what's wrong?"

Largo looked up; "Did I miss anything? "

The trooper grinned, "No, in fact you pretty well finished everything." Reaching into a cooler he pulled out a beer and handed it to Largo, "You did good."

Largo sipped his beer contentedly, it tasted good. He tried to remember something; someone had played a game with him last night. He shook his head, he guessed that it really didn't matter.

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