No More Regrets
(Apologies to Simon and Garfunkel)

All I can say in these final times, forever
I'm not alone
Long as there's Piroko with her eyes of snow
I'll have her with me wherever I go
No more regrets, no more tomorrow

We've scaled walls, we've killed wizards dark and mighty
Though they regenerate
I've never needed courage; long as she was there
I've never felt or worried 'bout despair
No more regrets, no more tomorrow

Don't call it love; well, for me it's something more
Recovered from my memory
Descending into darkness, a light before my eyes
Your soul inside the thickest, hardest guise
No more regrets, no more tomorrow

I have my sword and my spirit, strong, to protect me
Don't you worry 'bout the next world
I can see you soon; you can see me, too
With nothing more than simple memory
No more regrets, no more tomorrow

For I've naught to atone
And in death there is no time

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