<Well Ping, you are certainly in a good mood this morning. >

Ping looked over at Miho and smiled, <I sure am, last night Piro told me that he would try to find us our own place to stay. >

Miho nodded, <Well I'm glad to see that you took my advice, or did Piro bring it up on his own? >

Ping giggled, <I think he is a bit overwhelmed to be living with three girls after so long with Largo. He isn't sure what it is he is supposed to do. >

Miho smiled, <If he were like most boys he still wouldn't know but he wouldn't be worried about it. >

The two friends laughed at this then Miho continued, <Don't be too hard on him if he can't get a place right away. He'll need to get something close and small. That won't be easy. >

Ping replied wistfully, <Well, that attic apartment really wasn't that bad. As long as we can be together it will be fine with me. >

<Good morn ing, Tohya-san! >

Miho and Ping looked back, <Miho-chan, isn't that Sonoda-san? >

Miho nodded, <Yes, I wonder what she wants. >

They waited as Yuki, Mami and Asako hurried to catch up. <Good morning, Sonoda-san. How are you today? >

Yuki was out of breath though it wasn't from her haste to catch Miho and Ping, she was nervous and a little scared. Could she do this? <I am fine. > She looked to either side at Mami and Asako. <We were talking about fun places to go and I had heard that you have a job at an interesting place. >

Miho looked at the three younger girls and pursed her lips, <Yes, The Cave of Evil. It is a dance club and it is lots of fun. > She stared at Yuki expectantly.

Yuki's mouth was dry, <Well, is it the sort of place that my friends and me could go too? >

Miho's eyes narrowed, <If you mean can you enter at your age then yes, if not then you better explain what it is that you mean. >

Yuki looked at the ground; she could feel the blood rushing to her face. Mami and Asako seemed to wilt before Miho's glare.

< I...I mean do you think that we would have fun there? >

Miho smiled, <Of course you would! > She looked into her purse and finally pulled something out. <Here are three free passes for you and your friends. I'm sorry for being mean to you. >

Yuki looked up and blinked, she reached for the passes then nearly snatched them from Miho as if she thought that she might take them back. <Thank you, Tohya-san! >

Ping and Miho watched the three friends go off toward their school chattering and laughing. Ping looked at Miho, <What do you think that was all about? >

Miho shook her head; <They are up to something. Did you notice that none of them even looked at you? >

Ping nodded, <I did but I didn't think it meant anything. >

<Well, it did. I think Sonoda-san may have eyes for Piro too. >

Miho's eyes widened in alarm as Ping's earblades flashed red for just a second. <Ping, you are going to have to control that. >

Ping looked at Miho and sighed, <You're right, but why does she have to be after Piro? It's hard enough with Hayasaka-san and Nanasawa-san. >

Miho didn't answer but instead resumed walking to school; she really was going to have to talk to Piro.


Erika and Piro were just finishing breakfast at Anna Millers, Erika smiled as she watched Piro wiping his plate clean. She felt a pang when she realized that his lifestyle had probably prevented him from getting decent meals regularly. He was use to eating something from a box while sitting at a console.

<Well, you're in a good mood today Piro. >

Piro looked up a t her and smiled, <Yeah, I guess I am. I've really been feeling good lately. >

Erika slipped her shoe off and rubbed her foot against Piro's knee under the table, Piro blushed deeply but didn't protest. <So, what did you and Ping do after she left us last night? >

Piro looked at Erika and impossibly he seemed to turn even more red, <I, we, I meanů>

Erika covered her mouth and laughed, <I'm sorry Piro, it's just that you and Ping were a bit, umm, noisy for just a little while. >

Piro glared; <She started tickling me! >

Erika reached over and took his hand; <I shouldn't tease you so much. > She looked into his eyes <I guess I'm just a little jealous, that's all. >

Piro suddenly looked down; Erika reached up and touched his cheek. <If Kimiko weren't there I'd have come out and help her tickle you. >

Piro chuckled then though he tried to suppress it, <I don't know if I'd survive it. You and her would be having contest. > He looked into Erika's eyes, <She asked me which one of you is the better kisser. I had to admit to her that you are so she said that she needed to practice more. >

Erika glanced at her watch and suddenly looked serious, <Look at the time! We'd better get to the store. >

As they left Anna Millers Erika took Piro's hand, <If we keep talking about things like that I'd be tempted to take you back to the apartment and call in sick for the both of us. >

Piro's ears turned red at this, Erika smiled. He was just so cute when he blushed like that!

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