Dom woke up very slowly; he was having the most pleasant dream about Miho. He smiled as he sat up in bed, after all the pain he had endured for the last few days it was strange to actually feel well again. After a shower he got dressed and headed for the kitchen.

"Good morning, Dom"

Dom froze, it was him! Miho's brother was in his kitchen calmly preparing coffee just like he owned the place.

"You do remember me, don't you?"

"Yes sir. " Dom thought hard, Musashi that's his name, Musashi!

"I wasn't expecting you… Musashi."

Musashi chuckled, "So you do remember, excellent."

Musashi turned to face Dom as the coffee maker began hissing and gurgling. Today he wasn't wearing a JDF uniform. Instead he had on a black tank top with black fatigue pants. He reminded Dom of that guy in the movie Pitch Black. Vin Diesel? His yellow eyes even seemed to glow. He didn't look even slightly Japanese.

"I hear that my baby sister has been taking good care of you."

Dom nodded, "Yeah, she's great."

Musashi smiled, "That's good to hear, now my question is this. Will you take good care of her?"

"Yes sir!"

Dom began to feel uncomfortable as the big man stared at him with those inhuman eyes. He began to notice strange things like the slightly violet tint to the stubble on Musashi's shaved head, the veins course over his powerful arms.

Dom suddenly wished that he could be just like him.

"Can you smell me, Dom?"

Dom flared his nostrils; he could smell the coffee brewing. He could smell his shampoo and the traces of laundry detergent in his clothes. He could smell....

Musashi grinned broadly now, exposing his slightly enlarged canines as Dom's eyes widened in wonder. "Good, very good." He walked around the table and embraced Dom, patting him on the back then backing up to look him over. "You're going to need some training so that you will be able to use the gifts that we've given you. Are you ready?"

Dom nodded then replied, "I'm ready."

Musashi turned and headed toward the coffeepot, "We're going to have to put some meat on those bones. Miho needs something solid to hold on to." He looked back over his shoulder and chuckled as Dom blushed.

As the two men prepared breakfast Dom felt a growing excitement. He knew that he'd never match Musashi, he might not even match Miho but he now knew that he was a part of something special.

As he scrambled the eggs Dom thought about Largo, how he always spoke of being l33t. Dom smiled, now he was the l33t one.

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