Piro had been fidgety all morning. He had remembered his promise to Ping the night before to try and find them a place of their own.

<Something bothering you, Piro? >

Piro put the box of DVD's down and turned to face Erika, <Umm, well. Ping and I were talking last night. We appreciate you and Nanasawa-san putting us up but.> He looked down at the floor. How could he have done that, he couldn't have said it any worse!

Erika looked at him closely; <You're feeling uncomfortable with things, aren't you? >

Piro looked up and nodded, he felt miserable. He had such strong feelings for Erika, he wanted to reach out to her right now and here he was talking like he wanted to leave her or something.

Erika smiled, <I think I understand, you really don't have your own space with us. You're right in our living room. You and Ping have no privacy. >

Piro sighed in relief, she unde rstood! <Yes, that's it. I like being with you a lot but it's awkward for me. I've never lived with girls before except Ping. >

Erika took his hands, <Well, I don't want the two of you leaving before we find out where Largo is. If he should show up at least you could talk to him. > She pulled him closer, <He tried to kill me, Piro. I'm afraid. >

Piro's arms seemed to reach for Erika on their own, he pulled her close and stroked her back, <I promise that I won't leave you. I promise. >

Erika tipped his chin up and kissed him lightly, <Thank you, I'll talk to Ping and we'll see if we can't work something out for your privacy. >

Piro smiled and let his arms drop, <I guess I had better get back to work. It would be great if you could talk to Ping. She worries about me a lot. >

Erika nodded; <Don't worry about that, Ping and I will come to an understanding. I promise. >

As Piro resumed stocking the shelves Erika returned to the sales counter. She shook her head as she watched him; she just couldn't believe how cute he seemed to her now. She felt a little bad about telling him that she needed his protection, she really didn't think that Largo would ever turn up again. Still, she knew that Piro would do anything for her just as she would for him.

A couple of customers came to the counter to check out their selection. Erika reluctantly returned her thoughts to her job.

Kimiko was taking her lunch in the studio break room; Cubesoft had a nice buffet catered in. She pick over her food as her mind drifted, the morning session had gone very well. Still, she wasn't happy.

It was obvious that Erika had made a move on Piro even without Ping telling her. The chat with Ping had been bizarre; she couldn't imagine how it must be for the robot girl. If Piro settled down with a "flesh and blood woman" then Ping would instantly turn into a little sister or daught er to her user.

Kimiko narrowed her eyes, she wasn't going to give up without a fight! If Piro picked Erika that was nothing to be ashamed of. They had been best friends since high school and no guy would ever change that.

Kimiko began eating her rice with gusto, tonight she would make her move.

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