Another indication that the Story forums are more interesting than this place. And you guys are just getting samples (and only from me, and I'm not a very good writer). Inspired by Our Lady of Sorrows, Grey Erika.

Following an Angel
by Caduceus-kun

'Twas a day most dark and dreary
The fog and clouds were grey
As I wandered down a lonely lane,
And past a small café
Since the town had seemed so silent
In the time I'd drifted there,
I was surprised to see a girl
(a grey and lonely girl)
In the café's tiny square

There, she leaned upon a table
With the air of one detached
Who sits and watches worlds wend
In clothes threadbare and patched
And though the view was difficult
Peering through the haze
I sat down and I watched her
(in cracked streets i sat and watched her)
Enchanted by her gaze

And as I sat observing
I know she must have seen
My tired eyes upon her;
Such a world-weary queen
But she paid me no attention
She did not look my way
And if she had rose and spoken
(how i wish that she had spoken)
I'd have not known what to say

A book lay at her elbow
Inverted on the page
That she had last been reading
Tales of another age
And though I spied a bookmark
Resting near her on the ground
She did not stoop to get it
(made no move to go and get it);
To her chair she did seem bound

A stirring in the shadows
Drew my vision past her face
There I saw two ashen wings
Above a shawl of lace
Those marvels made me realize
The true wonder facing me
For I gazed upon an angel
(a melancholy angel),
Dreaming of eternity

The hours slowly passed us by~
Me sitting in the street,
And the angel at her table
Looking worn and incomplete
When I had nearly fallen
Into a languished trance
The angel stirred and raised her head
(looked toward me and raised her head)
And caught me with her glance

Her stare tore through my senses~
Shining eyes of narrowed green~
Despite her tired countenance
Her gaze seemed so serene
She nodded imperceptibly
Then rose up to her feet
Without another look my way
(never again did glance my way)
She stepped into the street

I hope I discerned the message
In that tilting of her head;
She accepted my devotion
Is what I thought it said
I shall go to where she leads me
An adherent now ignored
For when you're following an angel
(shadowing an angel)
(unacknowledged by your angel)
You cannot hope for more

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