Eri-rin - with apologies to Rod Stewart

Erika opened the door of MegaGamers and unsuspectingly walked in. The sight that confronted her was not at all what she expected. In fact, it was so surreal it would have looked out of place in an anime. Before her was a tableau she hadn't seen since her last concert as an idol. The shelves in front of the main counter had been pushed back to make room and an entire band was facing her.

But not just any band. It was made up entirely of people she knew, but whom she had never suspected possessed any musical talent. Perched on the counter itself was the ninja Junpei with a twelve-string guitar. To one side, Piro was seated uncomfortably behind a rack of electronic keyboards. On the other side, Yanagisawa wore an old semi-acoustic guitar. Next to him was a scruffy looking man that Piro had once called Ed holding a bass. At the back she recognised Dom sitting behind a drum kit, his normally malevolent smil e now seemingly genuine.

In the centre of it all, standing behind a microphone stand, was Largo.

"If you expect me to sing for you " she began. But Largo cut her off with a wave of his hand.

"Just sit," and he pointed to a high stool next to the door. Still a little stunned, she sat. Largo nodded to Junpei and he played a riff on the guitar, then the other instruments joined in and Largo sang

Hayasaka-sama, I spent some time writing this song for you
It's late September and I've overstayed my Mortal Kombat visa
I know I'm mending your heart, with a bunny suit and muffin cart
Oh Erika you're more than a magic girl
You made me your very own, after three years of being alone
You broke my arm and that one really hurt

The fluoro lights in the gamers store really show your age
But that's still a big unknown in my eyes you're Moeko-chan
I fought off your fanboy horde, with my fists and a digital sword
Oh Erika you're more than a magic girl
You made me your very own, after three years of being alone
You caused a riot just by walking out in the street

All I needed was a grrl to buy me beer and cake
But you turned into a gamer
No lamer, what a gamer, you whipped my ass
Then you went and broke my wrist
Just by giving it a little twist
Oh Erika you're more than a magic girl
You went and made me your own, after three years of being alone
You showed me your skillz they were more than a broken bird

I suppose I could get on the plane back to the USA
Or steal Piro's pencil, make a living out of drawing anime
Or test some games for Bioware, they need a monkey-boy there
Oh Eri, I wish I'd never felt your piece
You made a drooling fanboy out of me
But I'm the l33test fanboy you'll see
You whipped my ass but you're my idol anyway

Erika I know just how soft you are
We'll mend those broken wings one of these days

... and as the music faded, she cried.


This one's for Phy, the biggest Erika fan I know.

Admittedly it's a bit rough and I played fast and loose with the scansion in places. Still, it seems to say what I want it to. I hope you all like it.

... under a blue sky ...

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