Junko looked around nervously as Miho knocked on the door to Dom's condo, <This is a pretty nice place that your boyfriend lives in. >

Miho looked at the other girl and smiled, <Yes it is, he works at Sega Japan in Marketing. >

Junko nodded, <I know some of those guys, Ikuku and I used to party> Junko fell silent at the realization that she would never get to party with Ikuku again.

The door opened and Dom greeted them with a smile, "Come on in, your brother said you'd be coming." As the two girls entered Junko whispered to Miho, <He's cute, and he sounds like an American. >

Miho looked back and nodded, <Yes he is, isn't he? >

Junko suddenly gasped and stopped; she grabbed Miho by the arm, <Who is that? > Her eyes were wide as she looked at Miho. <Oh, that's my brother. > Junko released her arm; < If I had known that you had a brother like that I'd have wanted to be your friend so that I could sleep over at your house. >

Miho smiled knowingly, <He's several years older than me. Let me introduce you. >

Now Miho took Junko's arm and led her across the living room to where Musashi was sitting, <Sashi, I'd like for you to meet my friend Junko. Junko, this is my brother Musashi. But I just call him Sashi. >

Junko's mouth was dry as Musashi stood and shook her hand, <It's a pleasure to meet you Junko, and you can call me Sashi. > Releasing Junko's hand he turned and picked Miho up then spun her around. As he hugged her he whispered into her ear, <I thought that you were bringing the robot girl, Ping. What happened? >

Junko watched Sashi and Miho then looked around the room uncomfortably before sitting beside Dom on the love seat. She looked at him nervously, <Hi, I'm Junko. I guess you are Dom? >

Dom nodded and smiled, <Yeah, it's nice meeting you. >

Miho glanced over at Junko and Dom then whispered; <Let's go to the kitchen and let those two get acquainted shall we? >

Sashi set Miho down and took her hand; he looked back at Dom and Junko. <Miho and I are going to fix something to drink. Would you like anything? >

Dom and Junko looked at each other then Dom answered, <Just some water for now. > Junko smiled, <Nothing for me. >

Entering the kitchen Miho turned to her brother, <Erika had to talk to Ping about something. Apparently their living arrangements. >

Sashi frowned; <I really wanted to examine her. Oh well, it can't be helped. >

Miho nodded, <What do you think of Junko? >

<She looks nice enough I suppose. Were you going to make her a present to me? >

Miho slid her arms around her brother's waist; <She couldn't handle you right now. She's recovering from an assault. >

Sashi stroked his sister's hair, <Is that the one then? I wouldn't have thought she'd have been up so soon. >

Miho shrugged; <She's a pretty tough girl. >

Sashi tipped her chin up and looked into her eyes, <Being tough doesn't help when some pervert slides a sword into your body cavities for kicks. If she had struggled at all she'd have been sliced wide open. >

Miho shuddered then stood on her tiptoes to lightly kiss her brothers lips. She released him and turned away, <Do you even think that they are worth saving? >

Sashi grabbed Miho's shoulder and spun her around, his eyes blazed with anger, <Never talk like that little sister. Don't even think like that! >

Miho cringed; she felt the urge to drop to her knees. To submit to him. <I..I'm sorry Sashi. > She looked up at him with tears in her eyes and reached toward him.

Sashi smiled, <That's okay, you're still young. When you're fully of age then it will be easier for you. Then you'll know that we must take care of all of them whether or not they deserve it. >

Miho wiped her eyes; <We had better get back to the others with the drinks, shouldn't we? >

Sashi bit his lower lip, <Just one more thing. You said that Ping said that she wouldn't mind me being her user? That's a very strange thing for her to say don't you think? >

Miho frowned, <Yes it is, you're handsome but she shouldn't have reacted to your looks at all. >

Sashi pursed his lips, <Well, I was playing the dominance thing with Dom very strongly then. Is it possible that she reacted to my pheromones? >

Miho shook her head, <Now that's got to be nearly impossible. She's a robot, I don't even know if she can smell at all. >

They looked at each other for a moment then Miho spoke, <Why did you give her that pistol? >

Sashi smiled; <I have a theory, ask her if she has been carrying it. Then note any metal detectors that she may have encountered. >

Miho's smile widened, <You think that she has ECM? >

Sashi nodded, <I'm almost positive, I don't think that she's just a prototype for a game accessory. > He looked at Miho sternly, <Make sure to let this Piro know that he really needs to keep her happy, okay? >

Miho nodded as she put ice into glasses; <I was planning on it. > Looking toward the door of the living room she continued, <Do you think that Dom will make it? >

Sashi nodded, <Yes, the retrovirus is expensive and dangerous but the results are undeniable. He will serve us well I think. >

Miho stared at the drink she was pouring, < I may try and recruit Junko for the treatment, she's not of age yet though. So you think that might be a problem? >

Sashi looked startled, <Well yes, the research team is pretty picky about legalities. It's not like she's stuck a gun in your face twice. She's a teenage schoolgirl. > His eyes narrowed as he looked at Miho, <Why do you ask? >

Miho shrugged, <I just though that I might pair her and Dom off. >

<Really, I though that you were claiming Dom as your own? >

Miho smiled, <Well big brother, the closer I get to being of age and reaching full maturity the better the researchers' idea for us sounds. >

Sashi blinked then smiled, <Little sister, you never cease to amaze me. >

When they went back to the living room Dom and Junko were chatting amiably. Neither of them seemed to think it odd that Miho would sit in her brother's lap. It seemed completely natural to them all.

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