Miho padded softly down the hallway of her home, drawn by the delicious odor of her favorite omelets cooking. She smiled as she crept up behind Sashi and wound her arms around his waist.

<Good morning, my sister. >

<Morning. >

Sashi expertly flipped the omelet into a plate and turned toward the table, <Mom and dad have left my room just like it was when I went off. >

Miho nodded as she thoughtfully chewed her first bite, in a moment she replied, <I've always wondered about that. >

Sashi raised an eyebrow, <Why? >

Miho shrugged; <It just never seems to me that they are close enough to us to be that sentimental about us. >

Sashi stopped eating and looked at his sister sadly, <I thought that too, when I was your age. >

Miho poked at her food for a minute, <I just wish that they were around more. Sometimes I don't see them for weeks. > She looked up, <Are they really that afraid of us, Sashi? >

Sashi suddenly stood; <Do you want some coffee? It's almost finished brewing. >

Miho stared at him, <That would be nice. >

Sashi brought her a cup then sat back down and breathed deeply, <Yes, I think that they are that afraid. We're extreme; those who were more radical than we are all died by the time they were your age. > He looked deeply into his sister's eyes; <We're also a lot more than they ever counted on. >

Miho gazed back into Sashi's eyes. <How so? I thought we were a bit of a disappointment. >

Sashi grinned to reveal his canines; <You know the trick I can do with pheromones? That's not part of the plan. >

Miho couldn't help herself, her jaw dropped in astonishment, <Then how? >

<They don't know. What they do know is that the rich and powerful are already getting in line to have heir just like us. Well not quite, their chemistry will undoubtedly be tuned back a little bit. >

Miho thoughtfully took another bite before she spoke again; <We'll have to help them you know. >

Sashi nodded, <Yes, we'll have to find them. Contact them like I've contacted the others that have survived the first trials. >

Miho eyes lit up; <You've found others! Where? >

Sashi shook his head; <There are a dozen more, all brother and sister pairs like us. None are as extreme as we are though. >

<Do you think that we could meet some of them? >

<No, not yet. >

Miho glumly regarded the remainder of her breakfast, Sashi reached across and touched her hand, <I know, it's lonely. >

Miho sighed; <My best friend is a robot girl, Sashi. The children at school know I'm different even if no one tells them about the demon child. They all smell funny, and sometimes they are so slow and stupid I could scream. >

<They're easy to sneak up on too. >

Miho couldn't repress a giggle, <Yes they are, and no one has ever tried to bully me more than once. >

Sashi drew his hands back and regarded her solemnly, <What you said last night. Why? >

Miho looked up, her lips trembling <I guess I've been missing something, and maybe preparing myself for the inevitable. We are what we are, they won't let us choose for ourselves. >

Sashi took a sip of coffee; <I hate that. >

Miho cringed then; she could feel Sashi's rage boiling off of him. She stood and stumbled around the table to embrace him. <Please, don't. >

Sashi relaxed at her touch, he wrapped his arm around her and held her close. <I'm so sorry baby. >

<It's okay. > She slid onto his lap and rested her head against his chest.

Sashi stoked her hair and then kissed her cheek; <I don't like them forcing you to do things, girl. >

Miho looked up at him with tears in her eyes, <At least it will be someone that I already love and trust if they force us together. If we could only find out about the others, maybe we could force them to do something. >

Sashi smiled; <I'm trying as hard as I can. > He looked up; <You better get ready for school. It's getting late. >

Miho slid off his lap and looked at him, <Will you be training Dom again today? >

Sashi shook his head, <No, he has to go out and practice with some exercises I gave him to do. He'll probably try to recruit Hayasaka for Sega today. >

Miho smiled then; <Will I see you again today? >

<No, I have other things to attend to. >

Miho nodded then smiled wickedly, <I'll go see Dom this evening, and if he was a good boy I'll give him a special treat. >

Sashi grinned; <Do you think he'll survive? >

Miho spun away and looked over her shoulder with a toss of her head, <Well if he doesn't then he gets what he deserves anyway. >

Miho dressed quickly and shouted goodbye as Sashi cleaned the kitchen. She could hardly wait to see what news Ping had for her this morning.

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