Miho watched Ping closely as she ate her lunch, she had noticed her sneaking the cord from her phone out and jacking it into her earblade during class again. Whatever message she had received had seemed to make her distinctly unhappy.

<Something on you mind, Ping-chan? >

Ping looked at Miho mournfully, <I think that I have been a bad friend to you, Miho-chan.>

Miho raised an eyebrow, <Why on earth would you think such a thing? You're my very best friend. >

Ping put her sandwich down and sniffled, <I did some things that I didn't tell you about. I didn't mean for anything bad to happen. >

Miho leaned forward and touched Pings hand, <Well, why don't you tell me now. Okay? >

Ping looked up and nodded, clearly miserable. <I made a deal with Nanasawa-san. >

Miho leaned back, <What sort of deal? >

<A deal that if she helped me do some things that I would help her with Piro-san. >

Miho's eyes grew wide, <Why would you do that? I didn't think that you liked her and that you did like Hayasaka-san. >

Ping sighed, <If Piro clearly chose Hayasaka-san then I would surely have to step aside. I could no longer sleep with him then. Or if I did there would be no chance that eventually we might…> Pings voice trailed off and she blushed deeply.

Miho nodded and grinned, so Ping really was real underneath it all! <I can't say that I blame you for that at all Ping. You've tried so hard to get him to notice you and care for you. It really isn't fair that you can't fight back. > Suddenly her eyes narrowed, <What sort of things was she going to do for you. >

Ping looked down; <The people that she works for were going to help me find Largo. At first I just wanted to know where he was so that we could protect ourselves. Nanasawa-san showed me pictures that Largo had sent to her and a letter he had written. They were bad pictures from when she was younger and people made her do bad things. In the letter he told about how he had to protect Piro-kun from evil like her. He told how he had kept other girls away and had kept him from taking jobs at evil places. He also said that he was going to change me. > Ping looked Miho in the eye then, <When I saw that I decided that I must kill him. >

Miho was shocked, how could Ping make such a choice on her own? Still, Largo was already dead. <I. .I'm a bit surprised, Ping. >

Ping nodded glumly then continued, <The man, Rostovich-san found that Sony had taken Largo and reanimated him. They turned him into a Shock Trooper for the Enforcement Division. >

Miho nodded, she had thought such things were only wild rumors. But that was before she had met Ping and seen what they were capable of. <So, what did you do then? >

<I made a baby. >

Miho suddenly felt lightheaded, as if she were about to faint. Her mouth opened but no words come out. Ping looked at her with panic on her face, <Are you alright Tohya-san? You're very pale! >

Miho regained her composure and smiled, <I'm okay, and just a little surprised. How did you make a baby? >

Ping grinned, <It was easy, and they wanted some information about my programming to get a jump on future games. I uploaded a special data set that I had modified along with some log files. That created a sort of virtual Ping in their server. My little baby! >

Miho sighed in relief, she wasn't sure if she could have handled the idea of a pregnant Ping. <So, was that all you did? >

Ping took a bite of her sandwich and chewed thoughtfully. Miho watched her uncomfortably, she knew that the story wasn't over yet. Finally Ping continued, <I had my baby log into the Sony computers that run the EVS project. I had her talk to all the other girls. Tell them about my friends and me. I didn't want them to be thrown out into the world without knowing that there are bad people that might hurt them. And also that there are good people too. >

Miho looked at Ping then smiled; <Well I think you did a good thing. I hope you had your baby say nice things about me. >

Ping nodded, < Of course I did. But then something bad happened. One of the first girls to come out chose a man named Ed to be her user. Dom had shot Ed for some reason. Ed named her Ashley. Ashley went to the Enforcement barracks and tore Largo's chest open. Then she tried to kill Dom. >

Miho's eyes grew wide, <Is Largo dead now? Why did she try to kill Dom?. >

Ping looked down at her hands. <Largo isn't really dead but then he wasn't alive. He is healing in the vats now. She tried to kill Dom because Ed was going to kill him at Megagamers when he went to see Hayasaka-san. She executed a high-risk move and it missed because Dom was too quick. >

Miho looked grim, <That's not your fault, Ping. Still we can't have them trying to kill each other. We'll just have to have a little talk with Dom and Ed. >

Ping looked at Miho and smiled, <Perhaps you could ask your gorgeous brother to have a talk with Ed like he had with Dom.>

Miho looked at Ping and nodded, Ping really didn't know how Sashi's talk with Dom had actually gone.

Or just maybe she did.

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