Startled, Dom looked away from the television.

"Miho! I didn't hear you come in"

Miho looked at Dom; her face was an unreadable mask.

"I understand that you were in a fight today."

Dom looked at her in confusion. How had she found out about the incident at Megagamers? Sure, Piro could have told Ping but Miho had to have come straight from school to get here this early. He smiled nervously. "Nothing major, just bumped into Ed and one of his new friends is all. We have kind of a history you know."

Miho said nothing as she slid sensuously into his lap. She wrapped her arms around his neck and nuzzled his ear. "Tell me more."

Dom felt as though his hands no longer belonged to him. Miho purred as he caressed her lean, tight body. "Umm, I think that I may have. Umm, shot Ed. Didn't I tell you about that?"

Miho whispered huskily in his ear, "Maybe. Is that why he sent Ashley to break your neck?"

Dom stiffened, that creature had told Piro that her name was Ashley! He tried to push Miho away as he answered.

"You seem to know more about this than me! What's going on?"

Miho suddenly twisted her body; the move was impossibly fast. Now straddling Dom in the recliner she grabbed his ears and pressed her face against his. Her lips brushed against his as she talked.

"You need to tell me everything. I don't want to lose you. " She pulled her face away from his and stared into his eyes.

Dom couldn't meet her gaze, he started to look down but she took his chin in her hand and tipped his face up once more. "Oh, Dom. Whatever will I do with you?"

Dom managed a sick grin; there was something about her that was making him very afraid. Belatedly it occurred to him that it was her pheromones. Sashi had told him that Miho didn't have proper control, probably because she was still young. This did nothing to calm Dom as he realized that he was getting raw emotions from her. Though her face said that she was sad the other signs told of blinding anger.

Miho took a deep breath then grinned at Dom showing her canines. She slowly began unbuttoning his shirt. Dom was getting something else entirely now, he wriggled his hips uncomfortably. She was mashing him. He looked into her eyes, pleading, "Miho, please."

Miho leaned forward and kissed him deeply. She drew back then slid off of his lap. "Come along, Dom." Dom stood slowly and followed Miho toward the bedroom.

He then knew in his heart that he'd follow her anywhere.

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