Piro shuffled aimlessly along the street with his hands in his pockets. He was worried. Sure the girls were all giggly when they had come out of the bedroom and told him to go out for a while. He just didn't know what they might be up to.

Things had started pretty well after work; Erika and Ping had resumed their remodeling project. No fights this time. When Kimiko had come home they'd consulted with her and both of the other girls had deferred to her sense of style. She was apparently very talented in that sort of thing.

Piro had felt useless.

When they'd moved the furniture around Ping and Erika didn't even ask for his help. He knew that both of them were stronger than he was but still he felt an unaccustomed pain.

Piro shook his head and grinned, imagine that, he actually had a male ego underneath it all!

Piro's cell phone rang and he hastily pulled it from his pocket. He paused briefly and frowned when he saw they ID on the screen. Now what could Sonoda-san want with him? Surely she wasn't going to ask for the lessons to be moved somewhere private again was she?

<Hello. >

<Hi Piro-san, I'm not disturbing you am I? >

Piro chuckled, <No, not at all. What can I do for you? >

There was a pause before she answered, <Well, I was hoping that I might be able to take a walk with you. >

Piro blinked rapidly, what on earth? <Umm, I don't know about that? Why do you ask? >

Yuki giggled, <Well, I thought that if you weren't busy that we could walk together and perhaps get something to eat. You see, I'm standing right behind you. >

Piro spun to see and smiling Yuki. He couldn't help but laugh; <You really got me, Sonoda-san. What are you doing out so late? >

Yuki stepped closer; <I was doing an assignment with Mami and Asako. I saw you just now as I was going home. I just want to tell you that I really enjoy the lessons. I just never get a chance to talk to you. >

Piro was silent for a minute as he looked at Yuki. She was just so cute in her school uniform! He hadn't really thought about that for a while. <Hmm, okay Sonoda-san. Where would you like to go? >

<Oh, anyplace is fine with me. I really don't have to be home for nearly two hours. >

Piro turned and put his hands in his pockets again. This was a mistake. Yuki slid her hand into the crook of his elbow and walked beside him. He was uncomfortably aware of the soft touch of her hand, the light brush of her slim hips against his thigh, the scent of her hair.

He was even more uncomfortable because he really liked it.

<So, what was the assignment that you girls were working on? >

Yuki was quiet for a moment, <Oh, I really don't want to talk about schoolwork right now. That's boring. Let's go to the park now. It's not far. >

Piro looked over at her to see her looking up at him with her sweet smile. She looked so cute then that he wanted to stop and just stare at her. He quickly looked away instead.

<Is something wrong, Piro-san? >

< Um, no. Uh, say. Erika told me that your father is a police inspector. Is that true? >

Yuki felt a sudden burst of anger well up inside of her, how dare that old cow tell him such things! She was trying to ruin it for her! She just continued to smile. <Yes he is, he's a very important man. Sometimes I feel neglected though. > She tightened her grip on his arm. < You wouldn't neglect me, would you? >

Piro suddenly felt very uncomfortable with the conversation. <No, if I had a daughter like you I'd keep an eye on her. >

Yuki looked away and gritted her teeth. How could she have been so foolish! She had just pushed too far that time and now he was trying to pull away from her. She became acutely aware of the camera's mounted on the traffic signals. Why did he have to mention her father keeping an eye on her?

Piro's cell phone rang then and Piro pulled his arm away from her to answer it. He saw that it was Ping.

<Hi, Ping! >

<Hi Piro-kun, you can come back now. We are ready for you! >

Piro breathed a sigh of relief; <I'm on my way. Do you want me to get anything? >

Ping giggled, <Oh no! All we need is you! >

<Well, okay>

Piro hung up and looked at Yuki, <Sorry, I have to go now. >

Yuki looked crestfallen, <That's okay, maybe we can go to the park another time? >

Piro tilted her chin up and looked into her eyes, <That sound nice. Bye. >

Yuki thought for just a moment that he would kiss her. She felt a tinge of disappointment as she watched him walk away. She turned to go with a sigh; she'd just have to keep on trying. It was only a matter of time and she would make him hers. She just knew it.

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