Harry was up early.

He carefully tiptoed into the front room of his apartment and grinned at the figure of Demi curled up in the corner under a blanket. He just couldn't believe how lucky he was! He crept over to his computer, quietly logged in, then anxiously looked over at Demi.

She didn't move.

Harry took a deep breath and started the program he had been writing ever since Ping had given Cubesoft her files. It was a simple program designed to access the Diagnostic System of the EDS units.

He impatiently waited while his assorted wireless devices scanned the sleeping robot girl for any open ports. He finally got in through the PS/2 wireless game interface. Harry shrugged, he should have thought of that to begin with.

He stared at the screen without comprehension; nothing there made any sense. Suddenly the screen went black and text began to scroll across.


Harry's eyes went wide; he flinched when small hands began to massage his shoulders.

<What are you doing, Harry-kun? >

Harry's mouth was dry, he started to fidget but Demi stop her gentle massage and gripped his shoulders painfully.

<I asked you a question. >

Harry stared at the screen, he couldn't speak. The familiar whine of the cooling fans in his system had gone silent. He suddenly realized that he could smell electronics overheating.

<So, you have nothing to say for yourself? I'm disappointed in you. >

Harry turned his head and tried to look at her out of the corner of his eye, <MmMy computer, something is wrong! I need to shut it down! >

Demi chuckled, <Shut it down like I've shut down the onboard cooling fans? >

Harry tried to jerk away from her but it did no good, <You're doing that? Stop it immediately! >

There was a high pitched shriek from the computer and the monitor began to scroll gibberish. Thin wisps of smoke curled up from the vents on the system.

<I told the hard drive read head to access an address outside of the case. It's bouncing against its stops right now? > Demi spun his chair around to look him in the eye; <You violated me. >

Harry blinked and stared back, <What do you mean? I don't understand, I just wanted to.>

Demi's eyes and earblades flared red as she glared at him. <Wanted to what? Have sex with me while I'm asleep? That's what it's like you know, having someone poking into you without permission. >

Harry was silent for nearly a minute before he finally spoke; <You're a game accessory. I just wanted to see how you work. >

Demi seemed to freeze, Harry watched her uncertainly. Maybe she was broken. He started to stand but she pushed him back down.

<I'm a girl, Harry. Whatever else I may be I'm still a girl. >

Harry blinked, <What are you talking about? >

Demi grinned at him and shook her head then tipped his chin up and lightly kissed him

<Has your baby over there ever done this? >

He looked at her and swallowed, <II. >

Demi kissed the end of his nose then stepped back from him and looked at the floor, <I'm sorry that I broke your computer, I just couldn't let you hurt me. I need you, Harry. I'm very young. I can't be alone. Please don't make me go away. > She looked at him and smiled uncertainly <Maybe we can go shopping for new components together later. That is, if you still want me around. >

Harry took a deep breath and smiled, <I was about due for an upgrade anyway. I guess that you can stay. >

Demi was pleased; Harry was going to be easy.

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