Alcohol, my permanent accessory
Alcohol, a party-time necessity
Alcohol, alternative to feeling like yourself
O alcohol, I still drink to your health.

I love you more than I did the week before
I discovered alcohol....

Ah, games. How great they are. Find the right buttons, for the right combos, and you too are King of the Iron Fist.

Nothing like old-fashioned fighting games to numb the mind. And thumbs.

And beer. Beer is good. Beer and games - that's how I am, right? The crazy talking American with my b33r and gaming English and no-rage is powaa? Not like anyone would notice a change anyway. I don't get weepy over chix0r, not like Piro...

Forget the caffe latte, screw the raspberry iced tea
A malibu and coke for you, a g&t for me
Alcohol, your songs resolve like
My life never will
When someone else is picking up the bill

"I never wanted your help! I never wanted you to come into my life! I don't... want you here. But you are, so let's get it over with."

I did what she asked, before that. That lady was important to her, so I gave an awkward smile. This world's foolish, you've got to act like a fool - besides, then people smile. But that - no. Erika may be r4ck3d, but that's not all.

...I almost feel sorry for her.

But in the end -

No, I don't feel sorry for myself. I don't feel anything. I spent some money at the supermarket, got the beer, and I don't feel anything now.

Even fighting games have endings. They're crappy, yeah, but they're still endings. My life isn't all neat like that. And neither is hers. Problems just can't be solved with a nice r4ck and assuming everyone's a hopeless fanboy -

No, Largo, don't think. Buttons. Screen. Iron Fist. Okay, that's over, move to another one. Don't think. Game mode. Hack mode. Go with it. No need to think. Not expected to think...

I love you more than I did the week before
I discovered alcohol
O alcohol, would you please forgive me?
For while I cannot love myself
I'll use something else.

Before I know it, I'm mashing buttons, not caring about combo setups or nifty counters.

I was only trying to help. I wasn't trying to get into her pants. I'm not that obvious. She doesn't even smile. WTF. She looks cuter when she smiles. Sincere. I don't get weepy. I recognize the problem. It's staring back at me from the screen. Should have more control. Stop mashing buttons. Assess the situation. Strategy. Planning. No. No, can't plan. Go with it. Get up again. I need to talk to her again. But not like this. Need to clear my mind first. Need to stop thinking. Need to stop thinking about her. Stupid, stupid, crazy idiot. Can't stop thinking...

I thought that alcohol was just for those with
Nothing else to do
I thought that drinking just to get drunk
Was a waste of precious booze
But now I know that there's a time
And there's a place where I can choose
To walk the fine line between
Self-control and self-abuse

I put another game in - Dead or Alive 3.

Argh, Kasumi reminds me of Erika -

I reach for another game, another beer, trying to find one I could stomach. Maybe she doesn't want anyone close. Maybe she just wants to solo things. But that doesn't mean it's the best way, or satisfying. You have to have someone to play these games with...

These games are just that. If I don't want to play them I don't have to.

I'm sorry, Erika. I don't want to play the games you're so used to.

Would you please forgive me
Would you please forgive me...

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