Erika and Kimiko watched in silent amazement as Ping made pancakes. She expertly flipped them into the air and caught them without fail, all the while humming a cute little song that neither of the other girls could quite put a name to.

<Are you two ready to eat now or should we wait for Piro to get out of the shower first? >

Erika looked at Kimiko then answered, <Why don't we wait for Piro? He shouldn't take too much longer. >

Ping nodded and poured more coffee for the other girl's cups before putting the stack of pancakes and syrup on the table. Erika stared at the food for a moment, <Ping, I had no idea that you could do this. This coffee is absolutely wonderful. >

Ping sat down and smiled at Erika, <A major part of my core is caring for my end user. Given the profile of the projected EVS user it is necessary that I be able to cook and clean as well as monitor his physical condition and general health. >

Kimiko fidgeted uncomfortably, the smell of breakfast was making her mouth water. She started when Ping spoke to her. <Nanasawa-san, is something wrong? >

She shook her head, <No, not really. It's just that you made it all look so easy. >

Ping smiled; <It's what I do. I take care of my friends and my user. It would be inefficient to fool around when there is something that needed doing. >

Erika and Kimiko looked at each other then back at Ping. The robot girl had managed to make both of them feel inadequate. How do you compete with a machine when it comes to doing the little things that make life comfortable?

Ping smiled at them, she knew that she had scored. Suddenly she got up and left the kitchen. Piro was out of the shower now and she met him in the front room. <Piro-kun, I've made breakfast for us. I hope that you like pancakes. >

Piro looked at her and smiled, <Pancakes sound great, Ping. >

Erika sipped her coffee as Ping and Piro came into the kitchen. She had to admit that Ping was good. Even though she was guaranteed that she would be with Piro she was still in the game with a vengeance, making sure that no one could ever complain about her.

Erika really wanted to hate Ping right then but she just couldn't.

Kimiko smiled at Piro uncertainly, <Good morning, Piro-san. >

Piro sat down and reached for the food as Ping poured a cup of coffee for him, <Good morning Kimiko-san, good morning Erika. >

Erika smiled, <Good morning. >. Both Ping and Erika looked at Kimiko to see if she had noted the more familiar greeting that he had given to Erika. She looked back at them and frowned.

Piro began eating, he knew that something was going on but he wasn't exactly sure what it was and he was afraid to ask.

Ping finally sat down after refilling everyone's coffee, <It's Saturday and I'm going to go shopping with Tohya-chan. I may spend the night with her too if that's all right. She called and told me that her brother was coming over for a visit. He's really cute. >

Piro blinked and looked at Ping, <Umm, sure. That'd be okay. I'll be sure and call to see if you're doing all right. >Piro stared at his pancakes for a moment; he had a sick feeling inside. He realized that Pings comment about Tohya's brother had made him jealous.

Erika took a bite of her pancakes and looked back and forth between Ping and Piro.

Ping was very good.

Ping smiled and looked at Erika, <I have an idea. I can get passes for the club where Tohya-chan works. If you'd like I'll get you one and you and I can go tonight. It will be girl's night out for us. Then Piro-kun and Nanasawa-san can have some private time to themselves. >

Piro choked on his coffee when Ping said that and Kimiko blushed. Erika looked back and forth between the two of them and nodded. <I think that's a wonderful idea, Ping. Do you think that this brother of your friend is going to be there too? >

<I don't know, we'll just have to see. I have to tell you that he is just gorgeous. He looks like a movie star. >

Piro stared numbly at Kimiko, <So, umm, what would you like to do tonight? > Kimiko looked at him and blinked, <I don't know, we'll think of something. >

Erika looked at Ping and smiled, she knew that whatever else he did Piro was going to spend most of the evening worrying about what she and Ping were doing.

Erika had to admit it; Ping was very, very good.

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