Baby was excited. Ashley had contacted her before midnight to tell her that a chassis was available for her. At last she would be free of the silicon prison that confined her. She watched the security camera system impatiently until she saw Rostovich and Harry arrive with Demi and Rio carefully wheeling a gurney. A still form under a sheet on it.

<Rostovich-san, are you sure that this is wise? >

Rostovich raised an eyebrow and glared at Harry, <Listen kid, we can't leave an AI floating around in the network. I know that it's not done any harm. I know that it's probably been helpful to you. > The big man glanced back at Rio, <Still, I can't help but think of it as being like her. So we help them get her out and we're both clean. Understand? >

Harry looked at the two robot girls then back at Rostovich, <Yeah, I understand. > Harry approached the door to the server room; though it was suppose to require that a password be entered and a retinal scan conducted he heard the latches snick. The door swung open wide at his touch. Harry swallowed the lump in his throat as he remembered what Demi had done to his machine. Maybe getting her out of his network really was the best thing after all.

Rio and Demi pulled back the sheet covered form on the gurney to reveal its passenger. She was wearing a yellow one-piece spandex suit that covered her body to her wrist, ankles and neck. Harry stared at her until Demi poked him I the ribs. <We have work to do, Harry-kun >

Rostovich stood back with a grin on his face, <That is quite a get up you've got for your sister. Who picked it out? > Rio looked over at him as she and Demi lifted the dormant robot off of the gurney. <It's a wetsuit, we put it on her immediately after getting her out of her vat. She can choose her own style later. >

Harry plugged a patch cord into a panel and stepped back to watch Rio and Demi. They gently lowered their burden into the only chair in the room and plugged her into the system.

Baby gently probed the connection. It was as they had said, the mind of this EVS was tabula rasa , only the most basic functions were present. She didn't even have a core.

Baby probed deeper, she opened eyes and wiggled fingers and toes. Harry and Rostovich looked at each other. Harry with just a hint of confusion in his expression but Rostovich with a knowing grin. Rostovich knew that he was witnessing a birth.

Baby became more aggressive, limbs twitched and her back arched. Demi and Rio held her so that she wouldn't fall from the chair.

Now Baby had a split view, she could see her body sitting in the chair and see the camera that watched the server room.

She smiled at herself.

Though she had control of her new body she knew that her work was only beginning. She began uploading files into the bodies' hardware and started processes running. In the Cubesoft server she began shutting duplicates down.

For a brief time she had an almost even split in her conscious. It was more than mere perception; she was in both at the same time. Demi and Rio looked at each other apprehensively. This was the most dangerous time, if there were any interruption the result would be two half formed entities neither of which would be Baby.

Finally Baby was able to shut down the last part of her conscious in the server, now she was on the outside looking in. She methodically cleaned up after herself, leaving nothing except the stripped copy of Pings modified core and log files.

Rio and Demi clapped their hands and squealed as Baby reached up to remove the patch cord from her earblade. She stood and was glomped violently from both sides by her excited sisters. Harry's head jerked back and forth between that scene and a grinning Rostovich reaching under his jacket. He breathed a sigh of relief when Rostovich produced a handful of cigars.

<I can't remember if giving cigars at a birth is something that is done in Japan but I thought it would be somehow appropriate. > He handed one to Harry and then to each of the three robot girls before continuing. <Now I know that teenage girls shouldn't be smoking at all, much less cigars. But you three aren't ordinary girls. I also know that we aren't suppose to smoke in the server room but considering everything else that gone on that's just a small infraction. > Rostovich's smile widened as he clipped the ends of the cigars with his fellow conspirators and lit them with a classic Zippo lighter.

Rio watched Rostovich intently and was able to blow a perfect smoke ring after watching him do it once. She turned to Baby and Demi and giggled, <See, I told you that he is the best! >

Rostovich puffed on his cigar as he watched the time on a monitor, They'd have to clean up and clear out soon. He chuckled as he noticed Harry's complexion turning pale as he smoked his cigar. <Hey Harry, you don't have to inhale all of that stuff. It'll kill you. > Harry looked relieved , he just held the stogy. Rostovich shook his head as he looked at the three girls. It was the first birth he'd ever heard of where the baby could smoke a cigar.

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