<Look Miho-chan, isn't this nice! >

Miho looked at the dress that Ping was holding and smiled <Let me show you something, Ping. > She took the garment and carefully turned the sleeve inside out, <See here, the stitching is not very good. It's not worth the price that they are asking. >

Ping examined the sleeve critically then looked at Miho, <How was you able to tell that just from me holding it up for you to see? >

Miho smiled, <I have a good eye, and I notice the little things. Threads dangling where there should be none, a slight crookedness in the seam. >

Ping straightened the sleeve and examined it some more. Miho shook her head. Ping was always learning. For now shopping was forgotten as she discovered the mysteries of sewing. Ping looked up and put the dress away. <I think I get it now Miho-chan, let's look some more. >

<Ping, it's nearly lunchtime. Let's take a break. >

As they headed out of the store Ping launched into a series of questions about different patterns of stitching. Miho soon found her hard pressed to answer them. Apparently Ping had an entire Encyclopedia of sewing stored and she was just now referencing it.

They finally found a place that served Pings favorite pie and sat down to order. Miho looked at Ping critically, <I notice that you've been eating a lot more. Are you still charging up at night? >

Ping giggled, <Only for an hour or so if I'm sure that Piro-kun is asleep. It wouldn't do for us to become entangled in my charging cord. >

Miho fought the sudden urge to blush; she hastily looked down at her menu. Now what had brought that on? She considered herself an adult and she knew what Pings' situation with Piro was. So why would Ping being frank get to her like that? Finally she spoke, <What will Piro do tonight while you are over at my place? >

Ping looked thoughtful; <I wanted to talk to you about that. We girls have reached an agreement. Tonight Piro-kun will spend some time with Nanasawa-san. I was wondering if you might get a pass for the Cave for Hayasaka-san as well as me. It will be girls' night out for us. >

Miho stared at Ping for a moment, <Certainly, it would be my pleasure. >

Ping looked at her uncertainly, <I was wondering if your brother would be there? >

Miho shook her head, <No, he'll be over at my place when we get in. >

Ping frowned, <I told Hayasaka-san about him. I think that she would really like to meet him. >

Miho suddenly felt sick. Hayasaka wanted to meet Sashi? She started to tell Ping that it would be impossible but realized that she could think of no reason for her not to meet him. Was this jealousy she was feeling? Miho sat very still and considered it; Sashi had girlfriends just as she had her boyfriends. They talked about them all the time. So why did she feel this way?

<Is there something wrong, Miho-chan? You look like you do before you have one of your fainting spells. >

Miho shook her head, <Yes, I need to get something to eat very soon. Ah, here's the waitress now. >

The girls ordered their food and chatted about clothes some more. Miho finally looked at Ping and asked, <Was it your idea to introduce Hayasaka to Sashi? >

Ping looked down and nodded, <I hope it's all right. I don't want her thinking about Piro all the time. >

Miho reached across and patted Pings hand, <That's a dangerous game to play, Ping. That's my brother you were thinking of using. He is not one to be trifled with. > She took a deep breath and looked away, <And neither am I. >

Ping squeezed Miho's hand, when she looked back at her she was astonished to see tears streaming down the robot girls face, <I'm sorry Miho-chan. Please forgive me. >

Miho finally smiled, <It's okay Ping, I'm sure that Sashi would love to meet Hayasaka-san. I'd like to get to know her better myself since the two of you really seem to have become friends. It's just that he and I am very protective of each other. >

Ping smiled at last, <Thank you, Miho-chan. Say, I have an idea! Why doesn't Hayasaka-san join us for our sleepover! We could have great fun! >

Miho just smiled and shook her head as Ping chattered on and reached for her phone to call Erika. One thing was certain; if Ping was involved there was sure to be fun for all.

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