Free Bird

As you look through this frame,
Will you call my name?
Look at you,
Look at me,
Who is bound and who is free?

Can you reach through the glass
To a time long past?
Touch my hand,
Pay the price,
Break the mirror, melt the ice.

Wait for me, I'll be home soon,
Falling free, I'm
Wrapped in the shroud
Of these feather-soft clouds, if you
Whisper love, I'll find my way,
And I will break through to you.

Small Version (600 x 1028, 195 Kb),
Large Version (1200 x 2055, 573 Kb)

KaMu did the art and cg-fu in a style influenced by the poster art of Alphonse Mucha. I'd say "hope you enjoy it", but I already know it's gonna blow your socks clean off.

The verse on this one is written in the form of lyrics for the beautiful opening music of Haibane Renmei, titled "Free Bird".

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