In the shadowed by-ways of her forest-heart
Sad faces, dryad-featured, pine and sigh,
Shaken by harbored grief revisited,
From many a hollowed tree bole, many a soft
Sheltering white owl's wings; and the thin,
But ice-slick glassy pane that mocks her touch
With haunting images, bars the door for her
To where, beyond the grief-mute voices, lies clear
The unfathomed sky - high and deep and blue,
With its ivory vapors, buoying many a fiery
Fierce unfettered spirit, and many a shouting heart
Answers the pounding drums, to where, in the rising wind,
Brave figures fly, with sun-brazed wings,
Above the snow-caps of the razored peaks.

Seumas O'Sullivan - Sketch

In the dark pathways of his Gothic mind
Grim faces, gargoyle-featured, peer and gape,
Heavy with cloistered sin inhibited,
From many a ruined archway, many a dim
Uncharted grass-grown by-way; and the dead,
But seeing, glassy eyes of things that ape
Sad human likeness, bar the path for him
To where, beyond the gibbering host, lies sweet
The untainted forest - fair and sweet and far,
With its green traceries, sheltering many a shy
Soft forest presence, and many a peeping fawn
Lures with faint notes, miraculously drawn
From the uncouth pipes, to where, on a green floor,
Dim forms are dancing, with dream-motived feet,
Under the quiet of the evening star.

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