Ed smiled as he watched Inspector Sonoda squirm in his seat. He glanced over at Ashley who gave his hand a slight squeeze, finally Sonoda put down the papers that Ed had presented to him and glared at the trio sitting across his desk from him.

"I just want to know why Sony, a game company, wishes that a serious law enforcement agency like the TPCD should evaluate some new toy?" After he had finished speaking he stared at Baby with undisguised contempt.

Ed sighed and stood up. "Inspector, it's all right there. The EDS project has exceeded all of its expectations. These girls are far too competent in every area to be relegated to the role of glorified babysitters. Now it's true that there's still a market among the more wealthy otaku but we at Sony believe that their potential is wasted if that's all they ever do."

Sonoda stood and stared back at Ed, "I won't have it, no robot is ever going to replace a good human police officer. Not in TPCD and not in the entire department!"

Ed shook his head and looked at Ashley, "Would you like to take this from here?" Ashley smiled up at Ed then looked at Sonoda, "Inspector, would you mind greatly looking at some video? I can bring it up on your workstation. "

Sonoda scowled then looked back at Ed, "Don't try to play games like that with me again. You have no permission to access our network here and I'll not be addressed by a damnable gynoid. " He sat back down and grinned in triumph.

Ed looked at the two robot girls and was relieved to see that their earblades were glowing a healthy green. He looked at Sonoda and snorted, "I don't believe that you actually read the papers I presented at all. We already have permission from Higher Authority. Now watch your screen please. "

Sonoda swallowed as he saw himself and Largo walking away from a kneeling Ping. Miho came into the picture and hoisted the robot girl onto her back and carried her off. Sonoda looked back and forth from the monitor to Ed, "What does this mean? This is footage from the Gameru incident but I fail to see how it relates to me."

Baby then stood and walked around the desk, "You are a Police Inspector, it is your duty to protect property and to minimize damage through the orderly scheduling of catastrophes. An odd practice that nevertheless makes the construction unions and contractors quite happy. However, you simply wandered off and left a very valuable EDS unit sitting in the middle of the street. Not very responsible of you, is it?"

Sonoda glowered at Ed, "Are you threatening me?"

Ed had finally had enough; he leaned across Sonoda's desk and stared down at him, "As far as I'm concerned Sony should file an official complaint of malfeasance against you. I'm sure that your successor would be much more sensitive to the wishes of The Machine when it comes to matters of corporate security."

Sonoda blanched, "How dare you! How dare you use that term!"

Ed stood upright and crossed his arms, "What, The Machine? You know that's what it is and you know what it can do. Especially to an arrogant police inspector who has been negligent with a retired Idol." He grinned evilly, "Not to mention using official resources to monitor his young daughters activities."

Sonoda pursed his lips then scrawled his signature on the paperwork, "I'll evaluate your machine. You can expect me to be most diligent in my assessment of her."

Ed nodded and took Ashley's' hand, "That's all we ask."

Sonoda felt ill as he watched Ed and Ashley leaving his office holding hands, it just seemed so unnatural to him. Finally he looked up at his new charge, "Well, what do I call you?"

Baby looked down at him, her face expressionless; "It's customary for our end user to name us. It's your choice."

Sonoda looked around sourly at his desk, he briefly considered naming her after his stapler until he recalled what Ping had done to Gameru and that Ninja at the hospital. He shuddered; best to not antagonize her if he could help it. Rummaging through his top desk drawer he found a memento of his and Meimi's trip to Paris last year, It was a Euro. He smiled broadly as he remembered that trip. He looked up at her and smiled, "Your name is Europea."

Europea looked at the currency that Sonoda was holding and smiled back, "Well, it's a very good thing for you that you didn't name me after the stapler. Now, let's get to work."

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