It's been a while since we last saw Yuki, so I felt the need to use her in a filk. The result is the following double feature.

Sketchbook Rendezvous

{Sung by Yuki, while walking through Tokyo's streets. Asako and Mami backup}

Sketchbook whenever I flip through your art
I'm merely contemplating if he's sad inside.
I think I'll ask him if he can teach me in his style.
He says he would if he could but he can't;
I love him madly
Let my imagination run away with him gladly.
Another sad girl; such a cute schoolgirl
Sketchbook rendezvous.

You're so funny sensei - can we have a lesson?
Can we have a lesson sometime - I'd like that.
Fantastic c'est la vie mesdames et messieurs!
I'm under the rage of hormones
The lovely fanartist
His sketches are just so adorable.

I feel like raving in the Cave
Surely I can meet you there.
Just keep right on raving
Ping'll stay with her gothy friend.
Tohya says I've a real chance to catch his flying heart
It's 'tres charmant' my dear.

Underneath the moonlight
Together we'll sail back to your home
Drawing fanart every night
Meantime I ask you to be my Valentine.
You say you'd have to ditch your friend to do that
So my mom'll whack that nutjob.
We'll go around to gaming shows and see sad girls in snow
Write a new manga start a new series called
Sketchbook rendezvous so adorable
Sketchbook rendezvous oo-hoo
Sketchbook rendezvous
Give us a kiss!

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