It's been a while since we last saw Yuki, so I felt the need to use her in a filk. The result is the following double feature.

Another View of Yuki

{Yuki is sitting on her bed, singing softly}

Day after day, love turns grey
Like the eyes of your Kotone.
Night after night, my fantasies still ignite
I always remind you, but
You never have time, and
I don't expect lessons any more.
And I can feel you came to see the Idol.
I feel cold as sketched sad girls,
Like my soul's been unfurled,
Dry as Largo's beer bottle.

{Jumps off bed, sings louder}

Here in my bedroom,
I'll use my worthless art supplies
They'll be my bowie knife. {stabs bear with pencil}
"It's just a headcold,"
This is just a passing phase,
It's the teenage days.

{Yelling now, chucks lamp, guts closet}

Would you like to watch T.V.?
Or keep up your retreat?
Or contemplate the superhighway?[1]
Does your friend still feel so leet?
Would you like to learn to draw?
Do you just like to watch me fall?

{Instrumental portion. Yuki's destruction of room intensifies}

Did you know my dad's a cop?
Do you want the whining stopped?
Why won't you give my lesson?

[1] "Information Superhighway", was way too many syllables.

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