The Original Lyrics

The Phantom of the Wombicon (A parody of Phantom of the Opera, new lyrics by Matev Kenas)

Rejection came to me,
I felt alone...
Piro just wouldn't help,
He was calling the phone..

I came into the Cave
What did I find?
The Phantom of the Wombicon was there
she was so kind...
You won't be happy when
you see Erika next...
I'm very sure she'll take
your words out of text,
Throw in your hat with me
and then you'll find
The Phantom of the Wombicon is here -
To ease your mind...

I need advice from you
You have my ear
When I speak to her next..
...You won't my dear!
Our two priorities
become combined
The Phantom of the Wombicon is here
and he/I is/am blind...

Boo; (Squeeking)
The Phantom of the Wombicon…
A snare
The Phantom of the Wombicon...
He can't suspect a thing
Of what I've fooled him of.
I've tricked the drunk to say
...Miho's my love...
And so our relationship
begins right now!.
The Phantom of the Wombicon is here
To comfort you now ...
(Fade as Miho leads Largo further into the club)

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