You're a L33t 0n3, Largo-San.
But put your pants back on.
You messed up the convention
Now we've got to become gone

Sometimes you freak me out like
E-ed and Dom.

You reak badly, Largo-San.
Dumpster diving's really odd.
You bring home lot's of L33t g34r
but most of it is shot

I wouldn't touch you with a

You played poorly, Largo-San.
Here I though you had more guile.
You have all the skills and cunning
of a giant drunk reptile.

Given the choice between the two of you,
I'd take the giant drunk reptile.

You are vicious, Largo-San.
Liquor makes you ran amuck.
Y'rushed the fanboys with a high-school class
'n Sonoda fired your @$$

The three words that best describe you are as follows and I quote,
"Drink. Drank. Drunk."

You're a nut-job, Largo-San.
Smashing fanboys with a cart.
Is that a bunny suit you're wearing?
Do I really want to know?

Your mind is a confusing dump heap overflowing
with the most unusual assortment of useless
rubbish imaginabale,
Held together, with duct tape and darts.

You enfuriate me, Largo-San.
With a rage I can't explain.
Y'mess up every thing you touch
Catastrophe's your middle name.

You're a diluted gaijin nutcase loser, and
You're really a pain.

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